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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Swindonman, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. Afternoon Chaps,

    Finally got paid last month :D - the money was in my account on the 9th. I take it the date varies , as I havent received anything today ?

    I was hoping the rest of my back dated pay would come through to offset my World Cup expenses

  2. jmj

    jmj Old-Salt

    Yes it varies. Usually around the middle of the month, 12th to 18th looking through a few past pages of statements. Haven't cross checked to see if they correspond to a particular day of the week, but it'll most likely go in next week sometime.


  3. To work out your pay day is easy.

    Pick random day on the calander. Aim and throw dart at it where ever dart lands take +/- 3 days from that date is when you will get paid. Simple.

  4. if the dart bounces out however, they wont pay you in that month at all!!!!

    TA pay going in on the same date is as frequent as a solar eclipse
  5. Cheers Lads,

    I had a feeling that probably was the case :roll:
  6. I hope mine comes soon, I had one of those nasty moments at the petrol station when the old dear behind the counter says "Sorry love its been declined"
  7. And the old question whenever this comes up - is it again to do with Glasgow?
    If so that's a shame because I have spent the last year blaming my feckless idiot admin chappie at the squadron
    Oh please give me something to hate him for
  8. It's about time the Army were brought up to date in line with civilian organisations - if you don't get paid in a civilian job then heads roll...... somewhere. When such things occur with the T.A then no one seems arsed at all because we are technically casual labour and probably don't see our financial well being as being that high a priority. After all, the people whose job it is to ensure you are paid, PSAO, Civvy staff at Glasgow, etc, all get their pay so why should they give a shit about yours!! My biggest issue at the moment is when you attend Annual camp because for UK ones like at Okehampton or somewhere they pay you(or are meant to)into your bank account. Normally the first week's pay goes in OK - no dramas there. However, there is always a delay of weeks, even months to pay the remainder - totally wrong is'nt it?
  9. Dear Cutsy, I agree entirely. I'm still waiting for my pay for April and Bounty. Apparently, eveythings gone to Glasgow therefore, my Admin Staff sit on thier fat ar*es knitting and eating. This just would not be tolerated in civvy street!

    Anybody know the penalty for sending a "Freedom of Information" request to my MP asking when I will be paid and why is there always an unacceptable delay?
  10. A request under the Freedom of Information Act to your MP would not achieve anything. FOI allows individuals to request sight of all documents relating to an event or case held by a public body. It is doubtful if your MP would hold any info about you. A request could be made to your Unit or indeed APC. They would have to give you an answer within 20 working days of receiving your request and would have to provide everything they held on you or show cause why they could not provide specific documents - for example because they gave sensitive information about a third party away.

    As for penalties, your unit would probably not take kindly to such a move. As a first step you should raise the issue through the chain of command in writing.

    It is entirley unacceptable that you are still waiting for your bounty - assuming that you had all the right ticks in the right boxes, you may wish to confirm this and that the relevant IT has been updated correctly.

    I can't remember exactly, but there is i am sure something in TA regs that states that you are entitled to claim interest payments on late pay for example if late (and i think this means by the end of the following month) payment caused you hadship and meant you became overdrawn etc you can claim for this. Some AGC wallah is bound to know more about this than i do.

    There is also the ability for a cash payment to made to you in respect of your late bounty, but obviously this would require to be paid back. The payment can be made from imprest or even as an interest free loan from Mess or JRC funds to be repaid within a specified term.
  11. Pleased to have been of help. I think the time has come for the army to allow it's soldiers, T.A and Regular, to take control of pay issues themselves without dealing with it at unit level. A call centre could be set at Glasgow to assist soldiers with pay queries. When you ring now, you tend to get a very sharp tongued response and are told to go through your chain of command - these civil servants are strictly non customer facing, so to speak!!
  12. Roll on JPA?