Pay Day

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by willdawe, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. OK,im kind of relying on my TA pay and figured I should have had it by today. When is pay day?
  2. Hey, I know its a dumb question to ask, but I only do as I have been told about three different dates

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  3. muahahahahahaha
  4. I cannot believe you managed to squeeze this one in before midnight.

    Made my year.

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  5. It is today,it is always paid early so you can go on the lash tonight.How many times does this need explaining to you thick (not in the Naafi) buggers.Have a nip to the cashpoint now and have a look at your statement(it doesn't go in until after 1500 hrs to prevent you pishing it up the wall at lunchtime).But I see you only have three posts so I can forgive you.
  6. To the OP another silly question but did you ensure that your admin staff actually submitted the paysheets on time? Remember all those Christmas parties in late Nov / early Dec may well have fucked you.
  7. Its cancelled this month, did you not get the memo?
  8. Mine has come through OK but I didn't get my London Weighting, which is odd.
  9. That will come through tommorow 1st of the month
  10. You're desperate for money and you're relying on Army (kind of) administration?

  11. Then get a proper job that pays a proper salary, you fat full-time greggs eating part-time wannabe soldier but lacks commitment ****.
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  12. The Slug will be by shortly to give you a proper flaming. :razz::razz:

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