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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by salad646, Dec 28, 2006.

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  1. just checked my bank, ive been paid and if its end of the month pay, its short by alot from what it says on the army net statement.

    can anyone shed any light or has it happened to anyone else?
  2. could it be you had 2 paystatements on army net say one for pay and one for lssa etc and only got one of them?
  3. i've been overpaid by 250
  4. Ringfence it in your account mate, they'll soon claw it back from you - probably in one go too!

    Whatever you do, don't be tempted to spend it... :(
  5. They'll just reclaim it on an over issue.
  6. dont tell anyone fella.
  7. I've not paid rent on my quarter for 2 months. Standing by for a kick in the balls soon, possably just before I deploy so Mrs Specky has no money.

  8. Same detail as above, you know you have more money that you should, so ringfence it, then mrs specky will have some cash when the payments do start. Get in to the DHE and the payoffice asap.
  9. 250 after tax. bad news is that when they take it back, they will take back the whole amount they overpaid (£300+?). it's then up to you to try and claw the tax back from the inland revenue.

    i got shafted on tax to the tune of £800 once. not easy to get it back.
  10. Ive been over paid by £741 in LSSA, cant wait to see that dissapear next month. Better warn the wife that its not ours before she has a shopping spree. :cry:
  11. Moved house to Germany in October and I'm still paying for my quarter back in UK. But not paid for this one yet and I've not paid any Fuel and Lighting either. It all equates to them owing me £500+.

    I'm also owed my Operational Allowance for 4 months in Basra (I only came back in August!!) which is another £1500+.

    Therefore the Army owe me over £2000 at present, I am sure it will get sorted eventually.....Is any one else owed this much?
  12. Having just received my wages for the month of December imagine my surprise to find that I'm short to the tune of over £250. Not only have they cocked up the number off LSSA days I'm owed for a three week exercise from the end of October to mid-November they've also cocked up my GYH(D) for being on a course for three weeks before xmas, i.e. they haven't bothered their arses to pay me it. Oh, and they've taken off all Novembers RPOD and not bothered paying me it for the time that I wasn't on a course or exercise. Before I went on both I ensured that the pay clerk had all of the relevent information.

    Why the fcuk do we bother clerks? They're shit and can't get anything right. Question is do I AGAI said clerk for being a fcuk-wit?
  13. You don't have to claim the tax back you mutant - it is amended at source. :evil:

    So the tax you paid on the allowance in the first place will be refunded to you when they take it off - it's not rocket science you know.

    Who gives you this sort of information in the first place - no doubt one of our clerks :oops:

    This will be why our Corps is going on LCM - it takes 37 years for us to learn the job (well some of us anyway)
  14. And this is all happening before JPA - I just can't wait (not!!)
  15. you have a valid point, if any other trade in the Army fcuked up continually they would be charged! why are clerks not when they fcuk up peoples wages??