Pay day 30th?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA(BW)Stickie, Apr 29, 2007.

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  1. Its been long it coming but now it looks like the 30th will be the day for most of us god willing lol. Whats everyone got planned for there back dated pay i myself plan to buy a new bike and use the rest to help with our new house.

    Getting something like £305 I hope!
  2. I've got 69 days worth coming (albeit at the wrong rate arrrgh) and I intend to errr pay my rent he he he
  3. Hate to disappoint you, but if it's due in on the 30th, it should have been available to spend yesterday, well mine was!
  4. Have you got your bounty yet? The only person in my Sqn to get theirs so far is the only person MCM div had to phone up to confirm Army number as correct,, as for the rest?????

    I wait patiently however Mrs D-E has plans for most of it! :( but she does not know how much it is :)
  5. Ah please dont say that, am already skeptical about it being paid in on the 30th fingers crossed......... :? Please please please please be iiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!
  6. Been paid no bounty though :( . tossers If they get independance I hope we move pay gnomes to slough .Its a shit hole and more convient
    to attack :twisted:
  7. Well, that's the first time for about two years I've been in credit..wohooo. Shame its not the right amount but that can be fixed
  8. Sorry D-E Bounty mid month & pay on Saturday, could this be a perk of working for Bde? Mrs D-E does know it's only £250 doesn't she?
  9. Got March's 10 days worth on Friday! Cheers Mongoose!
  10. Got my first JPA payslip on Sat. The system works!
  11. havent got march's pay yet.but did get bounty..pity it didnt last too long
  12. I had some 75 quid in the bank from HMG Saturday, which came in handy for beer tokens that night. But it was unexpected, because I've been paid up to the last drill night I remember signing for anyway, and haven't done any other days :? . It's not bounty, as I only joined in September.

    Still, sure my pay slip will clarify things, I think I'd lose all bowel control if it was an accidental payment :roll: .
  13. if you're realy desperate to find out log on to armynet...
  14. I did so, but it's not available yet.
  15. I had a letter warning me of over payments from our PSAO