pay date for december 2010

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by wil5924, Nov 10, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know the pay date for december 2010.I'm fully aware that it is the last working day of the month which would be the 31st of december(new years eve).Or is the money paid in advance when you break up for christmas.Any help would be greatly appreciated as i need to juggle my finances for the festive period.THX
  2. It will be the 31st, can't see any reason why it would be any earlier than normal.
  3. My bold, an excellent example of a pointless thread as you have answered your own question.
  4. Answer (roughly) = the date it went in last year + 365.
  5. Go to your RAO ask for a form APR001 and complete with this date, send of to APC for early payment. :)
  6. We get paid on Christmas Eve again this year. This is so you can do any last minute shopping that you need and so you can go out on the piss afterwards. APC know that everyone's a bit skint at this time of year, plus we're all on leave and will be wanting to get out on the smash every night.
  7. What date have you been paid on the last god know's how months/years that you have been in the Army .
  8. Have you requested your annual Christmas bonus? It's a tax free £50 from the MoD applied for through JPA. This is to make up for having to get through Christmas on your normal pay and having to wait until the 31st to get paid. Speak to your RAO for details.
  9. ooooh is that in the expenses menu?

    I'll have a quick look
  10. I thought the tax free christmas bonus of £50 had been increased to £55 for this year ?
  11. This has gone up earlier than last year, at least last year they were asking in December, not November !!

    (It's the last working day of every month in case you didn't realise)
  12. No didnt you hear about the pay freeze :)

    Go easy on him though its his first Christmas in the Army and going through training...............he's an old lad joined up late and still never experienced the delights of GUNFIRE ( a nice wee drink offered by your seniors at Christmas before you ask Wil)

    And no the Army deliberately dont pay till last working day in December so you have plenty of money for New years Eve p*ss up.
  13. hmm i think i do actually remember getting paid before christmas a couple of times but that was way before this jpa gubbins came in, so fuk knows now.
  14. I think you are mistaken. The pay run hasn't changed with JPA.
  15. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I remember getting paid weekly in cash.

    Deft, bight, deft, bight, deft, bight. Halt. Salute 2, 3. Place beret on table.

    £12.36p count it!

    (fumble fumble) Pay correct, Sir.

    Replace head dress.

    About turn! Deft, bight, deft, bight, deft, bight...

    Oi! You! Come here! Right lets see you have to pay for Troop photo, Troop sweatshirt, stable belt, Troop fund, Christmas fund, Cpl Smith's leaving do, Squadron smoker, damages to...

    Can't buy much beer with £2.50