Pay Cuts to Chunky Constables.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by coffeewhite1sugar, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Just seen on Sky News that the Police are having a review on all Police Officers to take annual fitness tests, and that those who are repeat offenders will be given pay cuts. Excellent idea, they may be able to start catching criminals soon!
  2. Is the same due for the military? If not, why not?
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  3. Should have been brought in years ago, same with the forces.

    If you're a fatty on the front line you are not fit for purpose!
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  4. What about in the RN? Imagine they would be very useful for plugging holes caused by battle damage!
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  5. i know the army currently has PAP10, which is used not as a threat of a pay cut, but as a promise of contract termination.
  6. I find the sight of a fat policeman puffing along on his beat reassuring, while an officer of the law can gannet several free all day breakfasts of a morning and get a good kip in in the park all is right with the world.

    Things are different across the pond of course.
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Awaiting Stacker on this one.

    Lights pipe and sits back.
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    Yeah right!

    But given that the bleep test is 5:4 (which is the warm up) you really shouldn't fail.

    Police could face annual fitness tests and compulsory redundancies | UK news | The Guardian

    But most interesting is this;

    Direct entry for new recruits to be allowed at inspector rank and above to bring in fresh talent from business, military and other fields with at least 80 places a year.

    Our "leaders" have had any street experience bred ouy of them for years, especially on the high potential development scheme.

    Now they will have no experience (or indeed clue about what it is like to be a front line cop).

    Edited to include a post from the Guardian (it wasn't me)

    The prospect of 'new recruits with business backgrounds to join the senior ranks' is predictable and depressing.
    It seems to be an article of faith these days that a manager, clutching a little batch of dismal qualifications and au fait with the latest buzzwords emanating from some fat idiot in Texas (probably), can simply go and manage, anything, anywhere.
    This completely ignores the idea that you might build up some useful experience as a mere minion, actually doing productive work. This would seem to be particularly pertinent in a highly specialised occupation like the
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  9. I wonder if typing proficiency might be a more useful efficiency maximizer? Its not like many cops spend much time actually running after people like they are Starsky and Hutch, in most countries it is a pretty sedentary job, and being a bit bulky might actually come in handy in subduing perps in the cells.
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  11. I agree, for that reason they shoud be exempt.

    Crabs shouldn't be though as the extra aviation fuel burnt to lift there obese bodies into the sky is bad for the environment.
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  12. Oh and one quick thought:

    Direct entry to Inspector rank: DI's run murder and rape enquiries as the senior investigating officer.

    So do you really want someone with no police experience in charge of the investigation into the rape or murder of your family members?

    Or is the going to be a further proposal for seperate CID proceedures?

    The police federation has been pointing out for years that the service is loosing first response detectives, the ones who investigate rapes, murders, burglaries, robberies (basically the non-sexy stuff that the public probably give a shit about).

    So with overtime going, lack of staff and resources and constant stupid statistics on clear-ups to be produced (doubtless to keep the incoming bright young things witha shot at their next rank) what the hell is going to happen to the patient work of CID? Have the brilliant minds at the Home Office thought that bit through yet, or are they just relying on good will to muddle through and make the job work as usual?

    Like I said, I don't give a shit as I will still get paid (although I could go and earn more money elsewhere relatively easily), but I liked actually being one of the good guys. Turning up on the worst day in someones life and making a difference. Not waving a magic wand, but just doing what can be done. And that's getting less and less with each set of "reforms".
  13. Does someone who runs a factory have to know how to work a lathe? Did my mother (highly important in a construction firm) know how to lay bricks? Can I, currently consulting to the NHS carry out a surgical procedure?

    Surely there is a point where a project or team manager doesn't need to be able to do all the jobs of his team. Indeed it could be argued that detailed knowledge of all tasks leads to micromanagement. I saw this with one of my bosses in the TA once - having spent way too much time as a Signaller she was useless at stepping back and being a Major...
  14. H3

    H3 LE

    Because their special and plod aren't :0)
  15. I take your point mate, but how are you suppose to be a team manager when you have no experience of the investigative opportuinities or legislative points to prove?

    Unless you utterly seperate the rank of Inspector from anything operational?

    It happens with graduate entry who are highly qualified sheep; they've jumped through the hoops and got to the rank but no experience.

    I know of one who's a DCI on a murder squad with virtually no experience; promoted straight after probation got all qualifications in the standards department and rotated out on promotion.

    The DI and Dsgt run the place and just take bits of paper for signature, duly given because they haven't got the knowledge to argue about the issues.

    It just makes a mockery of the whole thing.
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