Pay cuts in the public sector to fund pay increases for wimm

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Mar 12, 2007.

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    Pay cuts in the public sector to fund pay increases for others.

    Synopis. 250,000 Men AND Women are to lose up to £15,000 in order to up the pay of other women in line with their male colleagues.

  2. Why? That's an easy one. Because many councils have buried their heads in the sand, and rather than go along with the LAW, have decided to do the sum total of nothing.

    Women who are now being discriminated against on the grounds of fair and equal pay are calling in lawyers (spit) to help them gain justice.

    The council's in turn, rather than face up to their own shortcomings, are picking the easy option of blaming the lawyers for being greedy and are trying to spin their way out of it.

    And who suffers? The very same workers who were discriminated against in the first place, and their colleagues who are being dragged in as part of the ongoing march of 'divide and rule'.

    Will this do?
  3. It's referred to a "single status" and is due to the incompetence of chief officers, whose salaries are protected. It could lead to industrial action.
  4. I'm sure this has some significance but it probably won't make the streets any cleaner.
  5. Not quite, they are aligning salary bands and there will still be different salaries for different jobs. Some local authorities are also freezing salaries for a couple of years, and some are trying to tart it up as a good thing by introducing non-salary benefits that are the icing on a brown cake that isn't made from chocolate!

    I've recently joined a local authority and, if there is a pay freeze and I am not promoted next year, then it is adios amigos and off to somewhere else in search of more pay!