Pay cuts eroding morale in Armed Forces.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Mar 14, 2012.

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  1. I wish that I had not used all my invective and bile attacking the recent Labour government and their handling of Defence matters.

    It is true that the Blair-Brown Terror did damage the Armed Forces hugely. The failed oaf Brown showed his utter contempt by appointing the twerp Ainsworth as Secretary of State for Defence. That said, the current shambles of an administration is even worse on Defence.

    I have met Hammond and I judged him to be a supercilious and sneering 'barrow-boy from Romford'. Witness his twirling and pirouetting like a latter day Alicia Markova concerning the construction of the aircraft carriers - what a running goat-fvck!

    Armed Forces pay and allowances have been eroded often enough in the past. A quasi 'pay cut' is unusual. I doubt there are many Arrsers who remember Invergordon - I bet nobody in government does either!

    Never mind though, the money saved can be given:

    to fat dictators in Africa;
    to all the riff-raff swamping our shores from Europe;
    to assorted asylum seekers flooding Wandsworth and making it resemble down-town Mogadishu;
    to make prisons more comfortable;
    to build more inefficient and thoroughly stupid 'wind-farms';
    to bolster the European coffers and help save the Eurine.
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  2. When did the Tory party, previously the bastions of non PC oratory turn into this bunch of lack luster pussies that we have in power now?
    Maggie must be spinning in her grave, if she was dead god bless her, harumpf, now pass me the telegraph and bring me a brandy...
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  3. Unfortunately the conservatives:

    1. Have had to move so close to the centre they are in danger off falling to the left in order to get any votes.
    2. Even then, have had to form a coalition with the pink and fluffies in order to form a majority.

    I have said it before and I will say it again, the British voter looking at main-stream parties now has a choice of flavour of socialists.
  4. It's the only thing any **** will vote for. We behave like spoilt children every time there's a suggestion that we stop spending money we don't have on fluffy shit.

    In short, politicians will become whatever will get them voted in. We simply have a choice of the politicians we deserve.
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  5. DD, you are absolutely correct. Turkeys do not vote for Christmas - or even yule-tide.
  6. Which is why some devious b'stards came up with the name "Winterval". do those who traditionally (unthinkingly) vote Tory actually stop to consider what the present Tory administration (an oxymoron if ever there was) is imposing?
  7. Any chance of the Republicans from the US setting up a uk party?
  8. Rickshaw, the trouble is that the current Tories are not what most Tory voters want but are "the best of a shite bunch". It is not unthinking to vote for them even though they are imperfect when the only other options are worse.
  9. And the alternative is Labour, the party that spent us into the mess we're currently in.
  10. I think our pay is good compared to many jobs in civvy street. I bet most Private soldiers have more beer tokens on pay day in the forces than they would in civvy street.
  11. True.

    If you joined up for the pay, you woud be sadly dissapointed and that really isn't the issue for most. However it would be nice if the Government applied some basic salary comparators to other 'high risk' public sector employees e.g. Fire Service and Police. The problem is that the Services have no one (a Bob Crow type) to stick up for them, when was the last time - or any time for that matter, that a very senior Officer fell on his sword over T&C's?.

  12. Be very careful what you wish for.
  13. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I note that the usual Pish is spouted by MoD to try to end the article on a high note, "...low-earning personnel given £250 pay rises."

    So that's 20 of your finest pounds sterling and 83 pence a month gross salary on top of current salary.

    Speaks volumes on the regard our soldiers are given by politicians.

    And breathe before the rant on SDSR and the 3ME begins...

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  14. Well when you are not going to be re-elected in the next GE then do what New Labia did and **** as much as you can up before getting shot from office, makes perfect sense to me.