Pay Cut!!! Truly Dog trud!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tiffybadboy, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. Just finished writing to my MP reference my pay cut. Dropped £6 a day due to the Pay Agency cock up in Feb 2006. I wrote a thread last year (That Tiffy Pay thing, again!!)to see if anyone had heard of the impending pay cut, but nothing was confirmed. Whilst in Iraq, received a letter telling me of the pay drop, and that they had overpaid me by just over £7000!!! I went to my FSA near daily when I was first awarded the extra 3 pay levels for 2 months, and he contacted MCM Div to ascertain if the pay hike was kosha, and told on several occassions it was. Asked for something in writing, but guess wot?......nowt!! Just waiting on another letter to tell me to pay back the overpayment to make this year extra special. Anyone else been kicked in the backside? The bonus I will get from Iraq will be pretty much pointless. The agency "sincerely apologised for this administrative error", which has gone a long way to making me feel soooooooooooo much better!!!!! Tozzers. :frustrated: :pissedoff: :shakefist:
  2. if you call yourself tiffybadboy you deserve a bigger paycut
  3. Yawn!!! Bore off.
  4. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    Sorry to here that m8,

    however in the sigs the same thing happened but I was on the other end and getting paid £10 a day less than the people that were getting the extra money. They are now having to pay the money back as well which will equal things out.
  5. You need to write in to the letters page of soldier magazine. They are putting all these cases direct to the head shed of APC. I am in the middle of a complaint over zero pay statements, being underpaid, over paid late return of LSAP and god knows what else. APC Glasgow is a disgrace. I too am asking my MP to raise the question.

    Email address to contact below.
  6. There is another thread on the REME forum which is completely devoted to just this issue.

  7. Cheers for pointing them in that direction Litotes. Also, although it doesn't alter the bad circumstances the two aggrieved people above have endured, just a couple of points:

    'APC Glasgow' is an umbrella term for the manning side of the building (ie the personnel bits like the MCM Divs). AFPAA (Armed Forces Pay and Administration Agency) is the bit which deals with, you guessed it, pay. They are currently trying very hard to get the overpayments to tiffies (known as L2L - level to level) written-off by the Treasury, because they recognise how unfair it would be to ask for it back. As to why tiffies were place on the wrong level in the first place, well thats a long story. An anomaly in the system meant that when they finished their course, those whose details were submitted to the system in one order (ie course pass, then promotion, which is logical). were set on a different level to those whose details were entered t'other way round. A loophole of epic size.

    Now as I say, no help to those on the wrong level, but background which needs to be recognised. So, pay cut it ain't. Getting them on the correct level it is, but messy all the same.
  8. Also, Blues_Cav, I take it you have banged your head firmly against a brick wall with your unit before going outside the system?
  9. DPM

    DPM Old-Salt

    If someone in your chain of command told you that it was legit and you spent it in good faith, I wouldn't have thought that they can reclaim it from you.

    I had some thing similar with the double LSSA bonus (less cash admittedly). It took one threat of legal action and it was written off by the CO.

    Just a thought, and a superficial one, but worth a thought?

  10. My unit pay staff has been outstanding, the fault lies squarely with Glasgow, if the pay staff here try to contact them they end up in a phone queue or talk to an answer machine, sounds more like a Delhi based call centre to me (Delhi may be more efficient).

    I am fed up of the excuses of a glitch in the system or it is a fault left over from pay 2000 etc, let’s be honest, the pay system is a shambles and the powers that be do not give a toss. 29 years service and NEVER had problems like this when the Pay Corps ran the system, this centralised (Cost Cutting) pay system is a disgrace.

    By the way I have a son in the Army and guess what his pay is all over the place as well. Next excuse please?
  11. Where is the REME forum?
  12. REME Forum

    Here mate???
    I so hope this isnt a wahhhhh!

  13. They have only shown up since I clicked the link. Weren't there before...
  14. Without wishing to appear too harsh may I just give my threepence worth...surely (and despite it not being your fault) you've actually received more pay than you're entitled to?? You cant expect to be allowed to keep it can you? Consider it an interest free loan maybe.
    Tiffies, who needs em lol
  15. So where did many of the senior AGC officers who had an input into UNICOM (the system still causing all these errors; we haven't even got to JPA yet, which they have also been behind) come from before they were AGC? Hmm, that's right..RAPC.

    I agree wholeheartedly with you though, it still doesn't make it acceptable.