Pay cut for anyone earning £20K+ ?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tango_Golf_Mike, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. I read an article saying that because of the defence cuts and the public sector cuts ect that roughly a quarter of armed forces personell earning more than £20,000 will have their pay frozen for possibly three years, is this a load of bollocks or is it true? how will they get by with no money for three years? will they ever get the money or will they get a pay cut instead of a pay freeze? i cant find the link but ill keep looking again.
  2. On the off-chance you are serious...

    It doesn't mean no pay, it means no pay RISES. Do you think anyone would stay in the forces if they weren't being paid for 3 years? I certainly wouldn't!
  3. I was serious, the way the article was worded it sounded like there was no money at all for three years thats why i was asking, i hadnt heard of it on the news or the papers so i just thought it might have been kept quiet so it didnt effect recruiting. cheers for the reply though thats cleared that up for me.
  4. lol brilliant

    this was discussed a while ago and apparently this does not affect our incriment levels either! we still recieve more money the higher the incriment
  5. The article was reference Public Sector Pay Freezes - to which we are liable. We'll still get Annual Incremental Progression, but just no rise in April. You're almost right about the 20k bit - it refers to the more Junior members of the Forces, who will receive a small percentage increase to keep them retained. the rest of us are just Pension Prisoners and will just be happy to have a job after SDSR!
  6. To be honest most of the junior ranks on less than 20k a year are retained by the fact they havent done enough time to leave yet. This is going to effect all ranks.