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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Lord_Vetinari, Dec 8, 2005.

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  1. Just a quick one that I hope can be answered in this forum. Since returning from Telic in May this year my pay has always had something wrong with it. not charged food for months, had to pay it back, on the day it was paid back it was returned to me so i then had to pay it back again!!! None of the Clerks seem to be able to give me an answer on why this is happening except 'it's Glasgow'. I have just now opened a pay statement expecting a food refund from May/June (still owed that one :evil: ) but find I have been refunded food charges from the start of Sept to end of Nov. there is no reason for this. I was on leave for 10 days to get married recently but that is it.

    Sorry if it sounds like a winge but this didn't happen a year ago when we had a dedicated Clerk for each Sqn. It's not just me, there are 5 SNCO's in my work area with pay that has been wrong for months.

    My question is, is it my unit or is it Glasgow that is to blame here??

    Any serious replies would be good, Thanks.
  2. I'll bet the clerks money is right.....
  3. Same old, same old....'it's not me it's Glasgow', 'it's your squadron clerks job', 'it's RHQ clerks fault' and so on and so forth...
    Like B2N says 'I'll bet the clerks pay is spot on!'
  4. I am willling to bet a months wages on that one!!!!!!!
  5. However much or little it will be !.
  6. Well I have seen a few clerks driving around in nice motors, maybe their 'mucking' about with the wages again!!

  7. what bugs me is its over £300 this time, i will get taxed on that but they will want the full amount paid back and i have to then go cap in hand to the tax man if i want it back. one of the blokes here has been over paid £960, which was then taxed yet they want the full amount back!!! Think i need a bigger soap box to stand on!!
  8. Sounds to me that your clerks need a swift boot up the arrse from your RAOWO mate. Oh and I am a clerk and would expect a boot up the arrse from my boss if I was so s@@t !!!
  9. So youve just got married.

    Just you wait

    If my experience is anything to go by you will end up paying all sorts of wierd and wonderful charges - all because they (whoever that might be) have manged to fcuk up your change of circumstances.

    I would keep a very close eye on them and don't spend anything that is not yours - find out from your clerk what you should be getting as take home - may help.

    Glasgow currently think I owe them £900 approx. My calculations (agreed by my clerk) say they owe me £800 approx! work that one out.
  11. Since the release of unicom version 165 the method of food & Accn refunds have changed. Units now publish Start/stop on P2O instead of AFN 9334's. This was to get around the problems caused by Unicom / mainframe not being in sync. So for example if your unit published a stop of food charges wef early Sept and you have been paying them for the period Sept - Nov, then you will be refunded the money if an occurrence to restart the charges has not been applied to your account.[/quote]

    From what I understand, someone has to go into my details and physically change them (start/stop food etc.). In my opinion, if someone messes my pay up then they should be the ones paying me money out of their pay to sort mine out. I am held accountable in my job, why not them??? Still on my soap box about this!! :twisted:
  12. I have Pm'd you for details.
  13. No change there then. I have a friend who has now PVRd because for the umpteenth time his pay has been screwed up. Not by a small amount either. This has affected his credit rating and caused the loss of a property due to defaulting on a mortgage which he was more than able to pay on his wage apart from the fact that he wasn't being paid regulary or the correct amount. Do you think the pay staff will sort any of this out or even repair the damage caused? Will they ****! At the end of the day as long as they get theirs they're not arsed!
  14. Wolf1 that is out of order.

    The pay staff are working with outdated IT and burdened further with other niff naff and trivia like the OC shouting for coffee, and meaningless G1 returns. It is the chain of command that have allowed the current situation to develop through lack of funding, as resources have been diverted to fund eqpt purchases such as Challenger 2.

    The guys and girls that are there at the coal face at units are doing their best, but it is not unlike pushing water uphill with a spoon. They have to work with archaic proceduress and civvy contractors at Glasgow - and as we all know they are profit driven, as opposed to result driven.

    I appreciate that things are far from rosy - but as The Jam said 'This is the Modern World'. Unless it becomes viable for the CoC to throw sufficient resources at the problem things are not going to improve.
  15. It's not out of order at all!
    His admin office have been unhelpful for just short of two years, yet they have still failed to remedy the situation. A poor workman blames his tools! Well in this case the same goes. How come they could get pay and allowances right before the oh so outdated IT system was used? As I've already said they've looked after No1 and screwed a good soldier whilst they were at it with their indifference and lack of proffesionalism.