pay clerk good to go or just go

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Dave-Angel/Eco-Warrior, Jan 31, 2005.

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  1. is being crap a requirment for a agc pay clerkor what?2 & 1/2 years now my wages have been arsed around by various agc clerks etc and no end is in sight never used to happen with the RAPC so why should it be allowed to happen now?
  2. Soldier_Why

    Soldier_Why LE Moderator

    Would you care to expand on the particular problem? Then perhaps you may get some answers.
  3. The answer to your question is; No. Why do you ask :? ? Time frame seems to be about the same as Pay 2k and didn't that just make the whole thing easier?
  4. "never used to happen with the RAPC"

    Never had APC when there was RAPC, it was all change when we lost the MRO, plus you never knowit might be your bad admin.
  5. :cry:

    whilst we PAY CLERKS (or is that Mil CLks) are still working on wednesday or friday afternoons, where r u?? We can only action what the COMPUTER programmes allow us to. U must be infantry
  6. Hey guys lets just remember. The APC does postings and promotions - it does not do pay! Pay is the demain of PPPA a Defence Agency, manned by civilians, run by civilians. Give the APC a break its not their fault they are located in the same buidling.
  7. After I left the Army I worked in the place, albeit I was in MCM. Whilst you are correct in that PPPA is an agency both it and APC are manned mainly by civvy's and run by them too. Most of the people in both departments are good at their jobs but there are many "jobsworths" due mainly to the Civil Service mentality and the fact that it is really a case of dead mans shoes for promotion. One problem with the CS is that a person can transfer to APC from say the DSS and have no real knowledge of how MoD works but still be a higher grade than those who have been working there for years. Will most of them take advice from their subordinates who know how it works - will they hell. If you think the mil run the APC then here's an example: A (fat) CS AO had a bust up with the MS branch WO2 when told what/how to do something because in her eyes an AO is equiv to Capt so anything below is scum. The WO2 was basically told to keep out of her way in future. (Despite the fact that he had been correct).

    On the military side of MCM some of the ROs (technically also CS) were abysmal and wastes of space (big whingers if you don't call them by their Retd Rk too!). Likewise some of the Reg Offrs who were sent there weren't top notch. I can recall 3 who were there only because they had to be put somewhere not because of any ability at staff work. One was a Scottish national team sportsman, so he only came in once a week, if that, to check his mail. Another was a female who had caused a scandal with her publicised antics in NI so... hide her away in APC. The last was a med downgraded Para who didn't want a "desk job" (to his credit he was man enough to ask to be short toured so went to a Dist HQ). I also met some Offrs who I had known in Regs who were hardly fliers, Ok, they were competent but that was it. The quality of the Div WO2s varied somewhat too - none of them during my time were what I'd class as outstanding, I'd say reasonable to good only.
  8. Have to disagree there were some tossers in the old RAPC too. Though granted it wasn't as bad overall as AGC(SPS) became.

    In fact I (a REME Cpl Clk at the time) had a pay problem which went on for over 5 months (being paid around 1/2 my DROP) which each month the Pay Sgt said he would have sorted that month. Eventually while phoning my MRO about other stuff I got them to put me through to the relevant desk in the RPO and five minutes later my pay was sorted. Being friends with the Pay Sgt in question (and both being Jocks) I during a drinking session the following weekend told him that I had sorted it. He really took the huff and threatened to have me charged for phoning RPO etc. Didn't happen of course, since he realised that he'd be sticking himself in it by exposing his own incompetence in not sorting the problem.
  9. I have to pass comment with regards to unit clerks, I have to say that the civilian pay clerk and the cheif clerk in my unit are spot on. Over the past few weeks i have bombarded them with questions regarding leave, ressetlement claims, travel claims,other entitlements etc: and they have always provided me with an answer and/or the relevant paperwork.
    Having said that this has not always been the case, its just a pity that it has taken this long to find a team that works for you and not against you.
    Sorry if i have offended anyone, but as in all walks of life there are the good and the bad or them that like their jobs and those that don't!