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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by leguy, Sep 8, 2007.

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  1. Ive heard about the different pay bands in the army, but failed to find anything except the lower pay band.
    Can someone give me some information on what the differences in money between the bands are.
    Im planning to be a aircraft tech which i think falls under pay band 3, if thats of any relevance.

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  2. You should only pay bands if they're any good, if not feck 'em off and tell them to practice more.
  3. I think you are muddling before and after Pay 2000, although I bet someone pops up and contradicts me!

    Before Pay 2000, an Ac Tech would have been on top whack - Band 3 IIRC.

    Now, he will start on the same band and then jump once qualified. I will see if I can find the rules tomorrow.

  4. Thanks litotes
  5. Yes mate you are Wrong, there are now lower and higher pay bands after paycut 2000.

    As Leguy pointed out only the Lower paybands are on the Armynet. For the first 20+ weeks all new recruits are on the same rate but once passed your trade related job they could move onto lower or higher rate dependant on trade with around 7 increments in each. They then get two payrises a year one in inflation busting April and the second when the incriment date is. Will try and dig the scales out for Higher band (mainly Techy jobs) when I get chance.
  6. OK here goes and is normally published in Soldier magazine for public domain. Now in annual rather than daily rate.

    WEF 01 APR 07 changes next April.

    PTE Level 1-7 LCPL Level 5-9

    New Entrant 12,571.92 (L & H)
    Level 1 Lower & Higher) 15,677.04
    Level 2 Lower 16,110.72 Higher 16,899.48
    Level 3 Lower 16,544.64 Higher 18,657.72
    Level 4 Lower 17,993.52 Higher 20,061.36
    Level 5 Lower 18,963.24 Higher 22,181.64
    Level 6 Lower 19,755.72 Higher 23,260.80
    Level 7 Lower 20,600.76 Higher 24,328.44
    Level 8 Lower 21,543.96 Higher 25,422.84
    Level 9 Lower 22,325.04 Higher 26,664.00

    You then have 7 levels in Cpl and Sgt scales .
  7. Thanks Iron