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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by doghead, Aug 14, 2004.

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  1. Does anyone know if the rumours are true about certain units shifting from lower pay bands to high pay bands?
    In particular we work the hardest for the smallest amount of money :lol:
  2. The rumours are true, but the monkies are not included, because no one likes you.
  3. High and Low Band

    1st and 2nd Class soldiers more like :evil:
  4. and they woneder why so many 2nd class soldiers are going to 1 UK CIV DIV!
  5. If you're 2nd class, why are you still here then?
  6. Not 4 long!!!!
  7. :lol:
    Monkeys........what a joke.....employ monkeys and you pay em peanuts.............COS THEY'RE SHITE !!!!!!!!!

  8. Hmmm let me think, your quite well educated and you hate coppers cause all your other particularly well educated mates hate them!!

    Most of our time is spent getting people out of the shite, dont burn your bridges, some day you'll need a get out of jail free card!!

    I'm sure a monkey who is getting paid the money they deserve is going to be in a better mood and will let you off with alot more, than a monkey who is always saying "I dont get enough money to put up with this shite!!"
  9. But that'll not be you as you're getting out?
  10. Ah but it will!!

    Whats worse than a monkey?

    An ex monkey in the civi bill!!!

    I'll get u dont u worry!!!