Pay Bands

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by plant_life, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Was discussing pay bands last night with a mate. He was sure that infantry are on low pay band where as I was sure infantry are on high payband. Who is right?
  2. Within each rank you make incremental progressions up the respective payband (i.e. you get more money each year you spend in a rank) irrespective of your Arms or Corps, however, in the former there may be less opportunity for specialist pay to be received (an example of that being Para pay) whilst in the latter there may be many more opportunities to receive specialist pay as i'm sure ARRSERs who are the recipients of it will confirm.
  3. Plant life i am with you i belive that the Infantry are on the higher pay band, not quite sure, but i am sure come infanteer will tell me.

  4. Your far as i am aware after just throwing this question around my work a Pte you are on low band, once L/Cpl you go to high band untill you reach C/sgt which is low band and then from WO2 upwards back to high band.