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How do you determine if you are on the lower or higher pay bands? for a regular soldier new entrant?
It doesn't matter New Entrant and Level 1 are identical on both scales, it's only at Level 2 that they start to differ.
Right so say I complete phase 2 int corps training get promoted to lance corporal what band will I be on?
My guess is that you will be a Level 5 Lance comical on the higher pay band but sometimes it can be also be job specific. Int Corps are generally higher pay band though I believe. Level 5 is the first increment level for Lance Comicals. Lower pand is just over 20k while haigher band is just over 23k annually.

You will go up a level every year. The pay rates are available from Adim offices or the intranet.
As an Int Corps LCpl after training you will be on Level 5, higher for Ptes and LCpls.

You are "awarded" this pay on the day you are qualified and part oned as such. This date is referred to as your IDD. On its anniversary you will move to the next level (ie 6).

When you gain your Class two in trade you receive an Accelerated Increment progression. You will jump forward one level, but this does not affect your IDD.

So, assuming you are switched on and you leave training as a LCpl, and you get your Class 2 after 6 months yuor pay will look like this.

01/01/10 = Int COrps Pass out as a LCpl = Higher band, Level 5 of the Pte/LCpl band.
01/06/10 = attain Class 2 (6 months out) = Higher band, Level 6 of the Pte/LCpl band.
01/01/11 = Higher band level 7 of the Pte/LCpl Band.

You receive a further AIP when you receive your class one qualification.

at current rules.
When you are promoted you will receive a 2% minimum wage increase, except for Sgt when you get 5%.

If you do move to lower (most trades drop to lower at SSgt for example) band, you still receive the wage increase, so a long in the tooth sgt on higher can be on more than a ssgt, and then (on promotion) slip in to the wage scale at teh top end.
mfearnon said:
Right so say I complete phase 2 int corps training get promoted to lance corporal what band will I be on?
Get on the Defence Intarnet and in the search box type in JSJET and it will come up with the pay bands for all trades
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