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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by L86A2, Jan 30, 2009.

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  1. Anyone tell me what the pay bands are?
  2. higher and lower ranging from bands 1-7 I think
  3. but what are the things im hearing like techincian pay and specialist pay etc?
  4. It all depends on your rank and trade (including what class in trade) you are.
  5. communication systems engineer
    class 3

    or a communication systems engineer
    newly promoted l/cpl???
  6. I thought theyd done away with tech pay when Pay 2000 came in.
    Spec pay still exists though, but isnt that for para pay, pilots, SAS and things like that? They usually advertise who gets spec pay and how much it is when the rates of pay come out, itll be on here and in Soldier magazine very soon.
  7. what issue (which month) you think the pay rates will come out then?
  8. Would guess at lvl 5 high band £22,959.72. You need to speak to someone in that trade and confirm high or low band.

    Edit- As Filbert says It all changes on 1st of Apr
  9. it usually comes out in time for the April pay increase, so my guess would be March.
  10. RE signallers are lower until WO2. upon LCpl promotion you can expect 19'628.52. assuming you are not affected by the 2% rule.

    Don't expect too much of an increase this year, High level e-mails have already been diong the rounds warning people not to complain abuot cuts in government spending.
  11. RLC Rad Ops are on tech pay Lcpl-Cpl and W02, it's just higher pay band. REME/Air tech types will be on it too.

    You're right about Spec pay, certain trades only, i think inc. Doctors and Lawyers.

    April's not far away, new pay scales then.
  12. Whats the minimum percentage pay rise you should get on promotion?
  13. 2% for soldier promotions. 5% on commissioning for LE officers.

    JSP 754 refers.


  14. so in fact there is no tech pay, just high and low pay bands, when tech pay existed it was called 'band 3', but then pay 2000 came in and away went 'tech pay'. I was on band 3 and then i was on the higher band, but several trades that were 'band 2' went on to the high band but some went onto the lower band.