Pay Band

I was wondering if anybody could help me on a pay query.

I recently transferred from AGC (SPS) and was On the lower band pay rate as a Cpl.

I am now an IS Engineer in the R Signals (still a cpl) and I believed I would go onto the High Pay Band once I completed the IS Engr phase 2 training and gained my new CEQ (Class 3 IS Engineer).

I completed the course in mid Nov and the CEQ has been published but I am still being paid on the lower band as before.

I asked the admin office about this and they seem to think that I need to become class 2 qualified before going onto the higher band.

I find this hard to believe but I am just looking for a definitive answer.

can anyone help please?
Your RAO are right you must be class 1 or 2 for the eq to count as a Cpl.

From PAM

02.02110. Soldiers: Employment Qualifications (EQs).

All trained soldiers have a career employment qualification (CEQ) and may hold additional EQs. The CEQ is the main or primary qualification used to assess soldiers for pay, manning and promotion. Under Pay 2000 (P2K) the EQ(s) relevant to Regt/Corps and class relevant to rank that will be most beneficial to the individual will be used to assess soldiers pay, subject to the Regulations for Army Employments 1972 (AGAI Chap 51). :(

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