Pay Band Review

So rumour has it that the RMP has been issued a statement from PM(A) indicating you've been sucessful in your bid to up-band. Has anyone any details or is it the whole trade being up-banded?

And most important, when will you see it in your pay packets?
Not heard that yet? Any further info-where did you hear the rumour?
Apparently its only LCpl, Cpl's and WO1's. I heard Bulford got a company wide e-mail from PM(A) saying they were going to high pay band
I've heard it thru CP on TELIC and thru local chains. It was put to me that all SIB were to get it, and as quoted above, L/Cpl's, Cpl's and WO's (both I heard)
SIB Sgts are getting it but not SSgts. RMP GPD JNCOs are getting it, Sgts and SSgts are not, WO1/2 are.This is one seriously p1ssed off newly promoted Sgt who's lads will soon be better off than me! Lads promoted now will have the pay edge on me for several years to come. This is one seriously p!ssed off SNCO who is seriously thinking of telling the powers that be where to shove tape no3. Bitter? Me?Good luck to those that got it though.
Bit of cunning I think on behalf of the powers that be. Just think of all those JNCO's who will now reconsider getting out. Its not that bad if your a newly promoted Sgt and now there is more incentive for further promotion, also those who might have considered leaving may just look a bit further into the future and decide not to, the WO2 & WO1 pay could be the carrot that was needed. Dont get me wrong higher payband across the board would have been excellent, but it doesnt look like that will happen!
Not so bad if you're a newly promoted Sgt? My lads will be earning more than me! Where's the incentive for the screws to go for my position? Where's my reward for attaining this exalted position? A bigger mess bill, having to purchase Mess Dress and being called Sgt, then having to scrounge a tenner off the affluent Screws doesn't do it for me I'm afraid :wink:
Steady tiger, I was chatting to an admin/pay clerk at the manning records. He was saying that although certain ranks wouldn't go to the higher payband, they would get kicked up their incremental ladder so no junior ranks were paid more than their seniors. This brings into play the 'mark time' system but it's better than a kick in the slats!
We shall see! I have a nasty feeling I am about to experience the joys of Pay 2000! As for being better than a kick in the proverbials-it depends who your kicking.....Oh, Corporal?
The info I read stated they're expecting the RAFP result soon, but warned against over-optimism as the trades are still quite different (RMP can write......)I hope you get it AES, more people to ponce cash off to feed my starvin kids
From what I understand JNCO's on say increment level 6 at the minute WILL NOT simply tranfer to increment level 6 on the high band, they will simply move over to which ever high band increment is the next up, for example:


Again that's what I had heard. If thats the case, the dramas will be a few years down the line. I think the top increment high band for Cpl outstrips by a few quid the highest increment for low band Sgt. Still by then I'll be a Brigadier.
Vic, I understand the train of thought, but I don't think it works that way. On your gucci pic, a level 6 Cpl would lose 3 years seniority whilst a newly promoted lad to Cpl would have a better pay rise than his level 6 oppo.
We were told is was just a straight move to the next band, same seniority.
Vics version has also been suggested to me. I guess it'll all come out in the wash.
As NM says suppose we will have to wait in see, either way I know my blokes are going to start earning their High Pay band! Plenty of brew making whilst I sit with my feet up! :wink:
Its called revenge for all the smirking screws I've seen today!
Sorry fella, but I can just imagine every lance jack and full screw hiding from you so they don't get a boot up the ass for sniggering!

How many cups/pens/bits & bobs have you thrown at your lads so far?
Talking of pay does anyone know what good old Gordon is awarding in April for the Annual Pay rise?

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