Pay band for TA Sigs RR also pay regs and TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by rich121, Sep 14, 2005.

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  1. HI,

    I currently get paid low band pay for the signals radio relay trade. Is this correct as I was told it was high band.

    Also it says in all the adverts for the TA. Join the ta and get paid the same as a regualr soldier, checking on the army web site, this is not the case, or am I reading it wrong. We should get the same pay as when we sign on, as we do the same job and on some days we proberly do more hours of work, as we have to cram in the training into shorter periods.

    Anyway I would like to hear what other people have to say about this and I will stop ramberling now.
  2. Having recently come back from a course i can only say pay within Signals varies....a lot...dunno why, however trade, length of service and possibly possibly courses(no idea) come into it, i'm equally confused as i am on highest pay band and have no idea why???
  3. It does seem a little strange they seem to pull pay bands out of a hat. I would like to get this sorted out as there is quite a difference in pay. Is there a list somewhere with what is high band and what is low band?
  4. Agree, untill course wasn't aware of the wide ranges of pay between trades ect ect, your PSAO is prob best person to speak to, i give in due to varying between a class 3/2 and from a Sig to L/Cpl depending on the week or course.......madness lol, this link should help,
  5. Not sure for Sigs, but in the REME a Craftsman will be on low band and a L/Cpl on high, for the same trade.

    This is probably replicated across the corps.
  6. rich121 pay in 33, 34 and 35 Sigs Regts is quite complex. If you are a class 2 (LCpl/Cpl) AS Op(RR)(P) who doesn't have a cat C driving license you will be on low pay band. If your an AS Op(P) - switch bitch you'll remain on low pay band until you gain C+E. All Sigs are low pay except for techs (they may also be low pay band). All AS and RS Op Sgts are high pay band unitl they get their SSgts. Note that lack of driving quals also bars you from promotion

    Your actually lucky, the old Tele Op (RR) trade was all lower pay ranges, its only cause the regular trade merged a higher pay band trade (switch bitches) that you've gained the oppurtunity to go high pay band.

    Alternatively you could jump ship to 37 or 38 Sigs Regts, 2 (NC) Sigs Bde doesn't tie driving quals to promotion or pay band (and we spend much more time in the field using modern comms equipment and hardly anytime doing maintenance - less than one w/e a year).
  7. Thanks for the info it does seem a little complex.

    What is the modern equipment you mention from 2 (NC) Sigs Bde. As my regt 36 are moving to 2 Bde at the momment and we have a mixture of Euromux and NCRS which is both ancient.
  8. We are 2 Bde at the minute and i would be interested to know if you have heard any 'duty rumours' of a new Sqn joining 36?
  9. 2 (NC) Bde Equipment - web site

    Forget NCRS its going (rumoured to be going next year) but the HF radios are still useful, Project Whitman uses them to set up a IP network for sending emails etc.

    As for rumours about sqns, RSigs TA future army structure most of what is said is true. My comments (on that thread) about regiments having 4 sqns is wrong, they all will have 1-2 sqns to support Bdes and 1-2 Contingency Component Sqns (max of 3).

    36 Sigs regiment main role is to support 49 Bde (with 1 Bde Close Support Sqn and 2 CC sqns), 38 don't support this bde anymore (with their 2 Bde Close Support Sqn and 1 CC sqns)

    As for your pay, I'm not sure anymore, your current trade doesn't exist within 2 (NC) Sig Bde
  10. See attached (hopefully)

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  11. Rumours? We have lots of rumours - rumour control is on 24 hour manning :)

    An announcement is imminent .

    All I can say is "wait out" - but trawling through a few threads on here will give you a good idea of what is on the cards.
  12. PM me.
  13. Isn't 70 Sig Sqn in 49 Bde's area?
  14. Polar I will lay you a bet that 36 doesn't have a single CC Sqn, but has 3 Sqns (incl a Sp Sqn) across 8 TA Centres and that 70 stays tasked to Lon Dist!
  15. I think we are mainly going to cover the east, outside of London.