Pay Band for Blues and Royals

Discussion in 'RAC' started by hullboy, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. Just curious as to what payband the Blues and Royals are on?
  2. same as the rest of the RAC
  3. Which is?
  4. dependant on rank/trade/driving bans etc
  5. What trades are on high pay band. Only asking cos maybe transferring and will be lose a tape if i do. A transfer to a high payband trade would make up for any loss of earnings.

  6. you would be on mark time rates of pay until you catch up or overtake your current band, I believe all are high less SSGT? (stand by to be corrected)
  7. Cheers mate
  8. Depends on what trades you have ? Are you coming from say a Signals unit or an Infantry Unit. Your trades though due to the fact your not RAC trained/ full crewman (such as Gunnery or Driving) may not count so much.

    Again its depending on what you,ve already got and how fast you get the Gunnery/driving trades done and dusted.
  9. No (wait for the slagging), I would be coming from the RLC. Have all my driver quals (less track, and nope i aint a driver or chef) and quite a few instructional quals like MAPRIC, SAA, BTAC, DIT(T) etc but not any Gunnery quals etc.
  10. Your being corrected, all on High :D
  11. Tpr - Low Band
    Lcpl - High Band
    Cpl upwards Non Crew Commander - Low Band
    Cpl upwards Crew Commander - High Band
  12. Now you have been corrected as non crew commanders Cpl and above are on low band :D