Pay back of resettlement money.

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Nurseyboy1, May 15, 2009.

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  1. I have recently obtained civillian employment through a qualification I gained during my resettlement. My TX date was subsequently brought forward so I could start this job. The course I did ended before my revised TX date and I am now being told that I will have to pay back the resettlement money and course fees.

    I was still serving, I still had the right amount of time in for the full resttlement package. Is this accurate. It seems as if I am being penalised for achieving the objective of resettlement.

    Any information on this would be most appreciated
  2. So,
    Initial Tx date as per your manning and records and terms of service
    Resettlement agreed by your old COC and documented by resettlement clerk, OC etc
    Course completed and passed - Nursey happy
    Job offer - Nursey asks permission for new TX date through COC which is documented by Chief Clerks etc
    New TX date agreed with COC

    Who is saying you have to pay it back?
    From a legal point I would probably tell your old Unit to fcuk off.
    Forgive me if I have misentrepated your original post

  3. Not at all. I start with the company on the 08JUN09. My TX date was brought forward from O!OCT09 to 01JUN09. The course ran on the first two weeks of may.

    I haven't even started with the company yet. I'm told I am accountable for both T&S and my resettlement allowance.

    I could understand it if the course ran after my TX date. It's bizzare.

  4. Thats pretty much it!

    My Adjutant reckons he has recieved the info from the officer in charge of discharges in glasgow. I'm convinced they have their wires crossed
  5. In that case, as HH says....tell them to fcuk off. But I'd phone a resettlement officer first (the one in Warminster AEC is a good bloke who knows his shit) and get the definitive so you can at least quantify your 'fcuk off'.[/quote]

    Already talked to my resttlement advisor and they have pretty much said what you guys have. There doesn't even seem to be a process for getting this money back. And i dont remember saying I'd give it back.

    Just not what you need when you are about to start paying a mortgage and bills. It's scary enough leaving without this SH1T.
  6. My adj was dealing with my early TX date and happened to bring this up. I imagine it will blow over if I leave it. Thanks for the advice fellas. Appreciate it.
  7. It is possible that this could be related to the recovery of an advance.

    Did you receive an advance of course fees before you went on the course? If so you are required to claim the money on JPA after the course, thereby clearing the advance, and having the balance of the claim either paid or recovered through your pay account.

    If you just slope off without clearing the advance then the system just takes the entire advance back from your pay.
  8. Yeah, the advance part seems to make more sense. I'll will still be two weeks before my TX date when the final 10% is claimed for. So as long as I do it in time I will be OK?

  9. I'm up in front of the beak for a small misunderstanding next month. Any chance of you representing me?
  10. You been fiddling your expenses again Mr Speaker?
  11. Yep. If you are still local to your old unit you could go and jump on a JPA terminal and put the claim in. This would clear the advance and pay any surplus to you. You should probably get the FSA to guide you through putting the claim on JPA - it can be quite complicated for resettlement.
  12. Done. Thanks for your help. All seems to be in order now. I THINK!!!