Pay Award 2007

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrsRaven, Mar 1, 2007.

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    Link above to the MOD report on the pay award that is at least some good news for our junior soldiers.

    However, having read the Army Briefing Note circulated today, can anyone explain why a single soldier is charged a hire fee for furniture in their SLA? We have to cram our lives into a poxy 6 cubic metres of MFO everytime we are posted - an allowance that doesn't cover the move of our own furniture - and not forgetting we do not have the luxuary of the removals people packing our kit and moving it door to door. I have lost count of the amount of kit I have had to flog off or give away because I exceed my limit.

    So we are stuck with single beds with matresses for incontinent five-year olds, wardrobes that just about take your military clothing - forget your civvy kit - and normally one small bookshelf and a single chair. And now they want us to pay for the privilege of re-conditioned 1960s' G-plan furniture. Okay the charge isn't big, but it is the foot in the door for future increases to commercial rates. Once again the Government and the MoD are ignoring the unique nature of service life and stealing back the money we earn. To**ers.

    The only saving grace is that we are not nurses or the like getting a completely pityfull pay rise.
  2. Yeah, what's the problem?

    Pads who live in Furnished Qtrs also pay rental for it. get over yerself!
  3. Pads can put their own furniture in - so they don't have to pay the rental fee, get comfortable beds, chairs etc and and it gets moved for them on posting. And thats absolutely fair and right. The singlie either has to pay to rent the poor quality stuff or pay extra to move their own furniture around each time they are posted. I am only asking for proper equality with the pads - ie. an MFO allowance that enables to move all my kit including furniture. Plus the same removal service that means that the kit is deliver door to door, not from MFO store to MFO store we me and my mates humping and dumping the kit from my room to the store.
  4. Not sure if this is relevant. I am Army, my daughter joined the RAF. When she was posted back from JHQ in Feb 06 she asked me to hire a van and collect her things. She was then able to claim the hire charge back and some fuel costs. So if the RAF can do why not Army?
  5. They can. Speak to your admin office and (if they are up to date) they can sort that for you.
  6. You can claim back up to the same cost as the MFO move - it just about covers the cost of the fuel on average, so you still end up paying the balance of the van hire (not to mention the time and effort you have to take doing the move rather than it being left to a removal firm to take the pain). I don't know why the RAF get a different deal.
  7. JPA means we all get the same. Whether this improves things...