Pay at RMAS and beyond

The Army website states:

Regular Officer

You can become an Regular Officer whether you’ve been to university or not. If you don’t have a degree you’ll earn a salary of £16,073 while you train which rises to £24,615 when you are commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. As a graduate you start training on £24,615 and will earn at least £29,586 afterwards. Either way, if you’re still serving in the Army after five years you could be earning at least £37,915 as a Captain.

However I was under the impression that pay for Grads / Non-Grads Officers has now been equalised both during and after training?

If anyone in the know could confirm how much a non-grads take home pay will be both during and after RMAS?


Pay is being equalised from May 2013 (so the May 2013 intake will be the first where everyone is paid the same, and non-grads who are already on a CC in May will have their pay increased I believe). This is what I was told on my PCCBC a month ago. I am not sure how graduate seniority or promotion times have been affected though.
Thanks aerobeh and good luck if you're off to RMAS soon.

Do you know how much an officer cadet's pay is whilst at Sandhurst and how much is deducted from pay for food, accommodation and the like?

Somehow I doubt that non-grad pay is brought up to grad pay, are both adjusted to a middle pay level?

Also, does anyone know how much pay a 2LT will get when commissioned under the new pay scales and again how much will be deducted for food / accom / mess bills?

I’m just trying to work out if I get a place on a CC if I can afford to keep my road bike and car! Thanks

As a side note, I read that pay in the Royal Marines used to be based on age when joining, but this was deemed ageist so they switched to the Grad / non grad pay bands (although this, like the army, is being re-aligned in 2013)
Non-grad pay is being brought to the same level as grad, there is no middle pay level!

We were told that food and accommodation at RMAS is £155/month and to expect to receive around £1100-1300 into our accounts each month once all deductions had been taken into account. This will obviously change from month to month as it will depend on how much time spent on exercise (where you don't have to pay for food/accommodation), what your mess bills are e.t.c...

I can't help with any other questions you will have to find someone who has been through the CC! I believe that once commissioned everyone goes up to Lt pay of around £29,500, although I don't know how much you can expect to pay for accommodation e.t.c once you have left RMAS.

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