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Hi folks

Am thinking of ditching my current internet and landline and though about mobile broadband as I can use it for both my lappy (when fixed) and my home PC. Also means I can take my lappy to work as I have been offered a new job

Does anyone have any advice on the best one to get, am looking at payg so I am not tied to a contract, and would also be useful if I ever got a smallish lottery win and bought a narrowboat to live on.

Would also need to know how much surfing time you get for 1Gb and 3GB, I don't download music etc much.

Thanks in advance folks
Orange had a great one whereby you just bought 3 gb at a time and used it for as long as it lasted. they stopped it a couple of months ago and replaced it whereby you can by individual gbs but they only last a month so if you dont use it (say you are away on an ex or something) you lose it.

Cant really advise you too much as most contracts are about the same. I was looking for the one they stopped and have decided against it for the time being.
Sorry mate, I'm a fecking mong on these things....

Await suitable comments from all who know me,and many who dont!
Mine is O2 and I pay £15 for a month, don't seem to be any restrictions and it works well for me as work takes me to different locations BUT it is slow and the picture resolution suffers.
go for 3 network with a PAYG 3G doongle,I have used it on ex in the middle of sailsbury plain to chat with her indoors and had no problem at all


i use the "three" mobile broadband thingy when out and about, i cannot fault it to be honest.
there is one other option buy a three phone on contract for about 15 quid a month , use it as a modem job jobbed .
three linky
that phone will plug into your laptop and use it as modem and it is unlimted.
you will also get 300 minutes a month as well for £15 all in.



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