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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Sluice_dweller, Jan 17, 2009.

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  1. I am currently in the UK on a course for a few weeks and know I will not cope without internet access, and it might be handy for the course anyway. Hence the thought of pay as you go.

    Have looked at 3, but not sure if it will work with linux or what the coverage is going to be like . Course is in the Aldershot area - any thought or suggestions?

  2. no internet cafe's or wireless hotspots on camp?
  3. If you only want occasional use of it - get the Vodaphone pay as you go deal. £40 for a dongle with 1gig of data. Each further gig of data costs £15 with no time limit on it's use - use in until it's gone.

    The other companies all do pay as you go, but you lose the data after 30days & have to rebuy it! Not really pay as you go, IMO.

    Not sure if it works with Linux. It's not supposed to work with a Mac yet, but I managed to find an easy work-around on a forum (that even the Vodaphone people didn't know about):

    Just download their vodaphone Mobile Client software and select generic device. You have to enter something in one of the columns - can't remember what it was, but if you decide to go for it, just PM me (that's if there is VMC software for Linux - or VMC light).


    Oh & my coverage in a small part of North Wales is fine - faster than my home wireless.
  4. Or - get a dodgy copy of paralels & just use it for net access using the Vodaphone dongle :)
  5. Lezzer, if you have got a lappy, get a dingle/dougal/dongal - whatever they are called.

    Alternatively, tap into someone elses wifi.

    Which weekend are you going home?
  6. Nobody likes a show off!
  7. LOL, cheers Snail - I stole the knowledge from somebody else though :)

    Here's the original thread (for the OP):

    Also, the software they're using is available for Linux, so I don't see why the workaround shouldn't work for you :)
  8. Google reviews before you committ, 3 are apparently pretty bad.
  9. BIPOLAR - No thats why I am asking about pay as you go access!

    AL - Cheers will have a look at vodaphone

    Slug - I am NOT going home and yes I am aware that I would need a dongle, just not sure who's to buy! You daft mare :)

    Taffnp - will take a look - ta!

    Cheers for the helpful replies
  10. Surely you mean "whose". Get a Vodathief one so you can call me.
  11. May be worth looking at O2 3G dongle were £30.00 before Xmas and PAYG tariff is

    Pay for usage as you go. You can buy mobile broadband access on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

    Mobile Broadband Daily
    (available for 24 hours) - For £2 for 500MB + Unlimited Wi-Fi
    Mobile Broadband Weekly
    (available for 7 days) - For £7.50 for 1GB + Unlimited Wi-Fi
    Mobile Broadband Monthly
    (available for 30 days) - For £15 for 3GB + Unlimited Wi-Fi

    See Here although it does say PC & Mac
  12. Best PAYG mobile broadband atm is IMO T-Mobile. 40 pounds for the dongle.


    30 days access at 20quid (Fairuse policy of 3gigs apply).
    or 2 pounds a day.

    All other operators slap on extortionate charges if you exceed their bandwidth limits. 1 coy charges 1 pound a mb over the limit, some charge 20p per mb.
  13. Just how much surfing would you have to do to use up 3GB a month?

    Serious question?

    Does streaming movies via veoh or divx count as 'downloads' or am I being a bit of a thicko?
  14. Videos on youtubes are at least 2mb per min. Divx streaming will probably be more. And yes, they do count as downloads.

    When I am on leave and use internet everyday, it isn't too difficult to hit the 3 gig limit as sites are getting more and more graphics intensive. I also d/l music and watch streaming video a fair bit.
  15. I have a 3 dongle which is quick and cheap but, there is always a but, its down to usage. Peak times it can be slow and depends on the density of population using 3 in a particular area. I also use my o2 phone from time to time and it can give similar results speed wise and cost is the same.

    3 are a victim of there own popularity but will always be one step ahead of the rest due to there commitment to high end technology.

    Edited to add;

    In fact I can give a review of vodaphone as my sister has purchased one of them laptop/dongle bundles. Bag of shi t steer well clear of.