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Discussion in 'RLC' started by cakenarse, Nov 20, 2004.

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  1. whats the general opinion of pay as you dine, i personally think our chefs are going to get a shit deal, working shit hours in a motorway style service station to line the pockets of the contractors. the days of "can i have seconds chef" are going as seconds will now cost.
  2. I agree and have heard recently that the cookhouse as we know it will be gone ? Families will be able to go there for a meal and singlies will be able to purchase a bottle of piesporter to go with their dinner ?

    "Come on Luv Ive booked a romantic Tea for two at this little reaseraunt I know"

    I know a few that will
  3. X-Inf

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    I realise the food might be bad, but surely they can get a decent bottle of plonk!
  4. Allowing more in to get a meal if they want it is no bad thing, although it may pee off the bean stealerrs who, even when on duty, will now have to pay for what they class as being a 'perk'.

    But there are a few other things that have to be looked at too. The need to 'MAKE' PAYD work may lead NAAFI to bring on the closure of all other eating establishments on a camp so that there is only the option of a one stop shop for all your food needs.... but consiquently less choice.

    Although we always joke about the chef's comments of "It's a selection, not a collection. Put that back!", portions will become a lot smaller and if you want the man-sized portion that you are used to then you are going to have to pay double.

    It's supposed to be cheap, but that only means for things on the 'Core Menu'. I'm sure it'll be good enough food, but I'm not so sure that you'd want to live off the core menu all the time. Anything not on the core menu will be at a price that can be compared to any other canteen.

    The running of a bar in the cookhouse (in an attempt to drag in more customers no doubt) would mean that they require twice the bar staff. It won't be long before they decide that it would be a good business decision to close the bars on camp (Coy/Sqn/Bty bars included) and turn the 'one stop eating establishment' into the only 'one stop eating AND drinking establishment' on camp. From little choice on camp to no choice at all.

    Add to that the prospect of monging down to the cookhouse on a weekend and to find it full of not only seniors, officers and their wives, but also full of screaming kids, and having to pay for the privilage.... surely a singlie's worst nightmare!
  5. Yep remember thoses days eating in Kazernes, the first 10 mins for singlies and then the family's in, chaos reigned, especially when Mussels were on.
    Wine selection was excellent.

    About time the Bean stealers started coughing up some ackers.
  6. As a former singlie of 12 years and now a married civvy all I can add is 'Don't go there'. At least under the current system the biggest waster in the unit can still get 3 GOOD meals a day after blowing his wages on drink or slots (add extra vices here). The thing about a good system is you don't realise just how good it is until it's gone, and by that time it's too late.
  7. I'll admit to having been guilty of popping into the cookhouse at Gut for last sitting on a Fri for fired egg, pie, sausage and chips rather than a full sit down when the Keller Curry wasn't on. It beat the Bratty Wagon by a long shot, but the occasional cheecky "egg and chips" is a far cry from it being a "happy eater". The slide started when the messes went out to contract and the quality went down hill rapidly. Anyone who's ever done an ex at SMP and had last nights leftovers (quite literally) heated up and re-presented as breakfast will understand how sh1te the standard has become. The crabs have had PAYD for a while and the one and only time I experienced it at RAF Sealand a few years ago I nearly threw the plate away in disgust at what they offered up and what they charged for it.

    The other option, though it's not the best in the short term, is to vote with your feet and refuse to eat in the cookhouse and take your business elsewhere until the PAYD stops being economically viable and you get a free offering again.
  8. Speedy has got the nub of the matter here. Choice, competition, unwelcome guests: all of that is largely in the realm of 'get used to it'.

    The real problem will devolve onto seniors and JNCOs who will become responsible for ensuring that the crows in their care put enough cash aside for PAYD instead of p*ssing it up a wall downtown.
  9. Not knowing much about PAYD I just wondered the following:-

    Is PAYD across the board now or are you able to "opt out" so to speak and still have your food deducted from pay at source?

    Bearing in mind that at loads of locations SODEXHO is responsible for catering - does anyone seriously believe that the standard of food is going to improve?

    I can see the number of fridge-freezers and microwaves proliferating in Single accomodation, if permitted, as Singlies decide it's cheaper and tastier to buy in from Tescos and cook it themselves.
  10. Another interesting twist may be how long it takes for the budgeteers to figure out that army chefs are being used as free labour by the PAYD system.

    They could charge for their services, with the charge being passed on to the customers. Or they could decide to remove catering troops from regiments and have several catering regiments, with sections, troops or squadrons allocated to operations or exercises.

    It'd save money, but who the hell is going to join a trade in which your entire career is going to be spent on Ops or Ex?
  11. The PAYD scheme is not pan army yet but I am lead to believe that all the trialling is over and everyone who thought of the idea is happy to go ahead ?

    The reasoning behing alcohol is that if a pad can go home have a spag bol with a glass of wine the why cant a singly ?

  12. He He He, what fun we are all having!

    I have a few points to add about this W**K pay as you dine system. One of the main reasons for the MOD introducing this system is to reduce costs. You have to remember that the Kitchens, dining rooms and messes are the biggest energy users in a unit. Remove this cost and save a fortune! The system is being introduced under the pretence that it improves the standard of living for the single solider…what a joke that is! For instance in 16 Sigs in Germany, Steak and Chips at lunch will cost you £4.00! Need we say more on that? When Sodexho takes over the catering for a regiment they also take over the Bar and Shop….Lets get the monopolies commission in on that one shall we?

    Very Very soon in the future Officers and WO’s and SGT’s messes will close and we will all enjoy centralised feeding. Yipppeeee. More traditions of the Army being lost.


    You can already drink alcohol in the Regimental dinning rooms. If you bring your own in, or buy it from the bar (Depending on how close it is!) So no change there!
  13. Interesting Point! and you can already guess who is doing the early & late turns!

    AMS staff working in NHS hospitals already do more late & weekend shifts than their NHS colleague's & friends I am told...(Prehaps not the Doctors)

    - Flat rate of pay, and all that -

    They should charge for their services, not could charge, plus overtime rates. Cash going to unit funds like the NAAFI refund that will disappear.

    RLC Catering Support Regiment already exsists by the way at Grantham.
  14. The RLC Catering Support Regiment is TA. To have the same system within the regular army would not only be time wasting but.....Who in there right mind would sign up for 22, just to go on Exercise and tours?
  15. Tried it at HCMR and it is shite! More food, more dosh, you cant even get an extra slice of bread without paying extra.