Pay as you dine?!?!?!?

If you knew how the current system worked, would you want the new system?

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I have been told by my CO, QM, RCWO and DCWO that people are only going for the Pay As You Dine system because they have been miss informed about the new system.

At the moment we pay over three pound a day for our food, however the Master Chef only receives £1.83 per person a day out of that money. The rest of the money that US SINGLE SOLIDERS pay goes towards paying for ration packs for exercise's and casual feeding for pad's within the normal feeding within a regiment. (As stated in the JSP 456 ration accounting manual)

So for a long time the single solider has paid the feeding cost's of not only themselves but married soldiers, duty personal, personal on tour and regiments on exercise. This is all well and good! The system seems to have been working for years, However now the new pay as you dine system is coming in to effect are we going to have to pay for our food on tour?

The new system is coming because it is cutting costs for the MOD, so it would be stupid to think that the army are suddenly going to pay for duty personal, people one tour and casual meals!

By giving up our so called Crap food from our Crap Chefs ( I say that lightly because I know, I am a chef! ) We are opting for an expensive motorway service station style restaurant, that will cost us all, pad's and single soldiers an arm and a leg!
All I can say is that Geoff Hoon and his cronies can suck my banger. It's a shit idea designed to rip off Toms even more. **** me, what next? Will we have to buy our own ammunition?

If it ain't broke don't fix it.
I'm unfortunate enough to be working at a Crab unit in good old Blighty. Some complete fool thought it would be a spiffing idea to go pay as you dine. Admittedly you only pay for the meals you take but believe me the flip side is shoite!
The standard of food is disgraceful, some lard arsse civvy "chef" from a well known company doing his best to earn an MBE for his money saving ideas. This equates to pie and chips or burger and chips. The healthy option is a limp salad which you have to order first thing in the morning before you know what the lunchtime menu is going to be.
If you are going on a range day or any other out of camp activity then forget the death pack and Norweigen of tea, it'll be too much of an early morning start for the duty civvy chef therefore he will need paying overtime which will not be authorised. If you are part of the guard shift including duty SNCO you are not allowed to leave your duty post so cannot eat in your respective messes. The good news is that you are not entitled to a duty meal ( deathpack again ) because of the costs involved. Pay as you dine is one of the worst thought out plans in modern day military history.
P.S you have to pay cash for every meal so the concerns about Pte. X pissing all his scoff money up the wall are in fact true. There are some very malnourished singlies out there Mind you there are also some very, very, very fat ones too ( RAF obviously ) :D
Anyone at Elmpt want to give an oppinion on this, seeing as PAYD has recently come in over there?

I went into the cookhouse (Sorry JB's resturant) a few weeks back and the standard of scoff was excillent and very cheap.

I've also got no time for the Pte X being skint and not able to eat. Firstly, there are systems put in place so Pte X can get a meal if he's skint and secondly Pte X is an adult who may be expected to fight for their country, the least we should expect is for them to budget for food (they would have to if they were married or lived out). Duty of care has to stop somewhere.

As far as i'm aware food on Ops and Ex will still be provided free of charge, the same as it was before. Interesting to know how it works for pads on duty who cant get home to eat at meal times, do they still get free food?

Pay as you Dine? Save as you Starve more like!

I, like so many others, put our wagons onto a ship at Marchwood. Due to the vast number of vehicles, there were large queues - and I do mean large. (I think you can call over 4 queues each over 300 vehicles long large!) Anyway, the mess at Marchwood was already Pay as you Dine. It had even been in Soldier mag as one of the flagship sites.

Unfortunately, Pay as You Dine is not a flexible system. It was not able to feed all the soldiers who had come into the camp. A lot of the lads didn't get an evening meal, as there was no food left. Unbelievably, at 1730, the chefs started turning off all the hot plates. I asked what was going on? It transpired it was part of the contract. F&*cking great contract when the only military port in the country can't feed soldiers out of hours during a deployment to war!!

Suffice it to say that with that experience I am completely unconvinced - not only of the need to carry it out - it is, without doubt, another way of cutting costs to the government, but of the fact that it will improve things for soldiers.

By the way, applying Health and Safety standards, duty personnel should be entitled to meals if they are unable to get back to their quarter for meals. Cookhouses insist death packs should be eaten within 4 hours (or something like), so how can they expect duty pers to feed themselves with food they took out of the fridge at 0700? But I'm sure they'll get around that (or ignore it until they are sued!) What a bunch of tossers!

Roll on my 22 years!
PAYD is a good idea in principle...they have a contract..unless the Top Slop decides that the Messes (both Orificers and SNCO) are 'loss making'. Then the, ahem 'NAAFI', can decide what choices it can offer you, the diner.

It is saving me over 50 quid a month in direct bills, however it is costing me a great deal more providing me, the diner, in meals at the local schnelly.

Bring back compo at meal times..and let the pad barstewards pay for it :lol:
Please Please Please don't be that gullible. If the MOD ( some civilian in an office in Whitehall, paid a mint!) are trying to introduce this new system, they must be saving a fortune ( and someone will be getting an OBE for this )

You need to be informed, go out and find out the facts about this new so called fantastic system. Ask you Master Chef what's going (And I bet he/she doesn't know! ) Ask you QM. Then decide. The only reason the pay as you dine system is coming in, is because Joe solider has wanted it. But do they know really what it all means. It means the beginning of the end. Do you thing the mess life will be around for long after it comes in? Mess function will end due to cost of staffing them. That means we will be just like the Americans. Mixed messing! I CANT WAIT........NOT!

The system we have at the moment work's. It may not be the best, but for what we pay it's great. It works in tandem with regimental commitments and such alike. Army chefs are like any other member of the armed forces, they are paid to do a job no matter want time it is or where it is. Civilian chefs aren't, To employ civilian chef's may not change much, but to have civilian chef in charge of military chef's will change things. Under the proposed system military chef will only work an allotted time per day, to meet the contract! So all those free or cheap function will end! Is that really that good?

How long will it be before we all start paying for our food on tour? Not long I bet!

The pay as you dine system started in London a few years ago in Hyde Park. It has been proved not to work. The contractor blagged the system to make it look like it worked. That's why what should have been Army wide by now, isn't!

THINK the repercussions of the proposed system will affect everyone forever! Find out the truth about the new system. Then ask for a copy of JSP 456 ( Ration accounting ), you will be amazed what we are entitled to. Then make an informed decision. Not a typical, it sounds good so I will go for it answer!
Guys - be prepared for the Army to 'catch up'with the RAF on Duty Meals.

If you are a 'Pad', you don't get a meal provided when you're on Guard etc. Theory is that you are on Duty - same as any other day - so why should someone pay for your scran? This caused a stink when it came in, as people were used to the old system, but seems to work OK now.

Then again - Army logic will screw it up more. Remember the RSM at a certain large Driver Training establishment arguing with an RAF Flt Sgt over Guard manning. The lads were on a 24hr Duty. That is pants. The RAF chap suggested having lads do 12hrs on, 12hrs off. The RSM believed that needed twice the manning. :roll:
:x PAYD is a con. It is promissing us lots of things and we are going to pay less - that will be a first. The contractor is there to make a profit. Nothing wrong but least be honest about it. We all want to eat our evening meal later, well we will be able to but at a price. i just dont see the dining experience being open until say 2000 hrs so we can drift in after a game of footy or something. As to the idea that the present sytem must go because single soldiers pay too much and the balance goes for compo etc. well the solution for the MOD is to stop that charging system now and we all pay the £1.80 or so which they claim is what is spent on food from the DMR. If it so bad now and we all pay too much stop the charging sytem now - but dont expect a big pay rise becasue the AFPRB will take the £1.50 a day we are then saving into consideration. Yes its a shit argument but we are being done over big style to save money.
Its good in one way because you only pay for the meals you eat. In another its a reality check because you actually have to pay for the meal you eat.

In the past, you paid a daily rate for food. The system worked because they knew that only a certain percentage of the people paying for the food would turn up for the meals. That is wrong. If you dont fancy a meal, your still paying to keep a system in place.

That had to change, and how do you change it? And then PAYD was born. You can argue the toss about whether they chose the rite contractor, or if the service is better, but at the end of the day its not unreasonable to ask a soldier to pay for the food they eat.

From what i've seen of PAYD the food is better quality, the environment of the restaurant has been improved, and the meals are still cheap. Just thank the lucky stars that Little Chef (little thief) didnt get the contract and you'd be paying 8 quid for a full english.

As for paying for ration packs, any documented evidence of that or are we taking it as true because scally said it? :?

Heerrrmmmm well no need to be like that!!! As I said, the information I have received was from my QM. That does not necessarily mean it is fact, however it does make sense. I am sure if you would like proof you could contact Def CAT group. That's Defence Catering Group for the layman.

If you would like to find out more about PAYD and the all new 3 into 1 system then you should visit And I am sure if you still feel you need more information you should email Brig J Little Director DCG at

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