Pay As You Dine - Who prefers the old system?

A couple of questions.

a. Have you saved money using PAYD?

b. Is the payment system better than the old method of having the charge deducted from your pay?

c. Is the scoff a better quality in non PAYD kitchens?

Bearing in mind there were always whinges about the old system
I'm a pad now but was a singley for years and eat in the new PAYD cookhouse when on duty so think i'm entitled... The scoff quality doesnt seem to have gone up, if not actually worse than before and you get a lot less in terms of both quantity and choice. I can see the merits of paying this way but it needs to be better as everyone just dissappears into town or buys their own food from tesco. Very few people eat in now and I think it the HUB will go under. Also bad for squaddie's diets as all eating in town cant be great. We got a good bar, though.
Very few people eat in now and I think it the HUB will go under. Also bad for squaddie's diets as all eating in town cant be great. We got a good bar, though.
Sorry to bring the subject up again Drain Sniffer.

One of the aruments for PAYD was that more people graze nowadays and eat on the move. The only problem with this though, as sprjim points out is that it can't be great for diets.
My thoughts on PAYD are well documented. As for diets, its down to education rather than controling what people eat.
Its not such a case of contolling our diets though. Blokes are gonna go for the easiest options and when nipping into town on your lunch healthy isnt always easy is it? Mmm mac attack...
sprjim, you are preaching to the converted, but PAYD is here to stay so we have to educate people on how to make it work for them
This may be a bit necky (the avatar is a photo)
But, were all adults and if that means being a slug then thats what your gonna be.
I've been in the cookhouse both pre and post PAYD and you can still eat just as badly
as you could before. Saying that the lads eating down town is unhealthy is a bit "nanny state" for me.
In my opinion, the standard in non PAYD sites has improved loads over the last 10 years but there has always been the the problem of customer service.

By that I mean bone rules like not being able to wear sandles, flip flops or shorts in the dining room. Having to wait for brew machines to be filled up or the bread to be replened during the meal. Missing breakfast cos PT is on and then having to go to the snack bar and pay.

The regt I was with let the singlies come to the kitchen at 10 (NAAFI break) and get a sausage & bacon baguete and a brew cos they missed breakfast. The kitchen wasn't losing as more often than not the lads would pass on lunch because they were full from NAAFI break. It's all about meeting the customer needs.
That wasnt waterbeach was it? They used to do that. Crackin. I do think there's something to be said for not letting people in to the cookhouse in certain clothes. Keeps grotty fcukers out wearing sweaty PT kit.
That wasnt waterbeach was it?
It was 21, we had a cracking cookhouse cos the the "Rottweiler" QM used to listen to the lads on the messing meetings. The lads were terrified of him, but with a couple of loaded requests, from the cooks who also wanted to provide great scoff to the lads, things really improved.

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