Every 3 months in PAYD units and garrisons, the contractor gives a % of thier profits back to the Bde. 50% goes to the Bde, to spend on any welfare inititives and the other 50% is divided between all the units within that Bde - depending on thier unit size etc.

This is called the Welfare return. I would like to know a couple of things, firstly

If anyone has actually benefited from the welfare return in thier unit or Bde.

Why isnt it advertised as to what units and Bdes spent this money on, as it may be a good PR op for the PAYD assassins (money back into the community etc)

How does the average joe have or give any input into what he or she believes the welfare return could be spent on.

We keep seeing these welfare cheques being presented by high ranking Bde Commanders and senior NAAFI personnel, but i would like to know what happens to it then, where has it benefited the community that helped to earn it.


I am not at a PAYD unit, but working on the assumption that these amounts are paid into unit PRIs in the same way that NAAFI rebate used to be, it is then up to the unit how the money is spent.

There should be fairly regular PRI meetings (usually doubled up with OR Messing meetings) where sub unit and dept reps can put forward suggestions and agree how the money should be spent. It is then authorised by the Fund Manager to 'keep it real' - ie no lap dancers in the NAAFI bar.

Disappointingly I do know of several units where they don't have meetings however, and the PRI becomes the Regtl slush fund. It is sometimes used for paintings or silver, which are of absolutely no benefit to to the junior soldiers that PRI funds are supposed to support.