Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Use_the_Force, May 13, 2008.

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  1. Having just visited the first PAYD 'Restaurant' in my region, I was surprised to see all ranks from Pte soldiers to Officers and even civvies dining together. The food and service far out weigh that offered in the local SNCOs Mess. The biggest surprise was that all ranks eating together did not cause the sky to fall in as numerous RSMs have predicted over the years. It all seemed very civilised. Is this the beginning of the end of paying £50 a month for the privilege of eating in the Sgts Mess and visiting on occasion to socialise. Am I the only one to want to start some new traditions? We aren't separated in MSQs and now we eat together, so why are we forced to join a Mess. Is it time for the choice? I for one would gladly join a unit Mess, but have never been happy in a Station Mess paying for 1 Blanks Mess silver and Drums whilst listening to how we should get behind their boxing/football team.

    I await your comments!! :D
  2. Ahh, verging on the old ' Why should I have to be a member of a mess ' debate.

    I will stand back and watch this one ,
  3. Agreed. If people don't want to part of a mess, don't take the promotion and the responsibility that goes with it.
  4. Straightforward for me too, You don’t have to be a mess member now, just don’t accept the promotion, job done.
  5. Ask for a posting to 156 Pro Coy or 160 Pro Coy (or 37 or 31 Sect if your that way inclined), they are two that I know off the top of my head that have their own messes for both Jnrs and Snrs. You don't have to pay for 1 blanks silverware then.

  6. The food is better in the lads' mess though. They have more chefs, more choices, and sky telly, and it's cheaper.

    You can't steal the papers from there though.
  7. Heid, CAARPs, I' afraid that the old 'Don't take the promotion then' argument no longer works. We are not talking about minor points here, it is quite right to question paying ridiculous amounts into someone elses mess (for their silver etc) and never really feeling a part of it, when PAYD has effectively killed off a part of what was supposed to be good about mess life.

    If I can eat better quality food at a reasonable rate elsewhere, albeit with damn juniors, then why on earth would I still feel comfortable with paying extornionate rates to a mess that I hardly use?

    Don't tell me, I could always get out if that's how I feel? How old fashioned of you..... :roll:
  8. Once a scouser always a scouser eh!! :wink:
  9. I'm not saying get out at all.

    If its cheaper to eat elsewhere then fine, do it.

    But saying its the death of the Mess? Get real, its the only place (on most units) you can go for a cheap pint and get left alone to have some down time.

    I, for one, whould rather drink in the mess than anywhere else.

    (Cue the tight jock bashing).
  10. It always sparks a debate!!

    Having spent over half of my career in the Sgts Mess, I don't think I'll follow the advice to turn down promotion if it's all the same to you. I also don't feel that paying a bill for something that has become far less relevant to the army in the last decade (my mess tenure) is the only other option. A genuine station mess (JHQ and Lisburn to name 2) offer a fair service and encourage participation from all members. Being an 'other cap badge' in an infantry or Signals mess is an exercise in frustration. They accept your attendance at functions reluctantly, because they have to, but they are just as happy to take your cash and for you to stay out of their mess.

    I enjoy nothing more than watching other units celebrate their traditions and history, but being asked to pay for it is a bit much.

    The 1st mess i joined was a unit mess and I actually felt that you could relax and enjoy a drink, but also socialise with colleagues and battle over daily issues in a relaxed environment. That to me was time and money well spent. You now find most units have a snug or SNCO bar because we are not able to relax in the station Mess. I'd gladly pay into that and stop the charade.

    My point in the initial thread is that we as mess members are killing off the potential of having a Sgts Mess by making it as uninviting as possible. PAYD and non segregation of Accn in more and more areas have reduced the Mess to nothing more than a cheap bar. It's hardly an elite club.

    You would have to drink as much as Headtheba for it to make any financial sense.
  11. I feel for the 'attached arms' and understand your frustration.

    In my last mess (all be it, it was massive), the food was plentifull and just as cheap as the JR mess. The CO also didn't put a restriction on anyone using it.

    My current Mess is dog toffee so I don't use it for eating, just solcialising.
  12. I am neither advising nor persuading, merely stating my opinion (for what it is or is not worth 8O ).

    The Sgt’s mess is a fine institution (again my opinion) that was hard won and takes hard work by it’s members to maintain, from PMC, PEC to Gardens & Fish members, how many complain about stuff but do not “Step up to the plate” :?

    It is a refuge from the chest poking p*sshead (although necessary from time to time) and a place to really let the hair down (if you have any :oops: )

    It may be outdated with the majority of mess members and if so it deserves its demise. Evolution and survival of the fittest etc.

    The bean counters would be delighted to hear they don’t have to provide meals and a bar service in another location on camp, however, a cautionary word. Be careful what you wish for, like PAYD you may just get it and it is very hard to turn the clock back
  13. Totally Agree!

    So what has happened to standards? What happened to NODDY?
  14. Not too many years ago (1992) you could order a pint, a cheese and onion toastie and a pickled egg in the SNCO´s mess in Dortmund to go with your pint. You'd earned a slot in that joint by running a 13 man gun crew (M107,M110) or being in the newly formed (1982) and damned wierd OP Troops of 5/32 Regt RA. Some dodgy geezers from sound ranging, met and survey used to skulk around as well talking abaht fings like thodoli...fhoeolid..flamoding..whatever.
    It was an exclusive club. Can I get toasties and pies, pickled eggs etc from a bar in JHQ nowadays........nope. Why.
  15. I took a while to think of a lengthy repsonse to the original thread, but ultimately it comes down to a few words 'PAYD is pump'