Discussion in 'RLC' started by Eggmeister, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. What a load of CRAP! the Army is just saving money and passing the problem over to contractors. THIS IS THE END FOR ARMY CHEFS you read it here first, within five years the will be no requirment for Military Chefs only on Ops and who wants to spend there life on Ops.

    tell me if its different?
  2. They certainly haven't tolled the death bell for the egg techs yet, as part of the PAYD contract military chefs are sub contracted to the system. So the food is still prepared and cooked by them.
  3. PAYD = drink as you starve!
  4. You obviously haven't heard the latest rumours being bantered around that they are in fact going to bin the chef trade. Instead they are going to have a qual for persons who are able to utilise 10 man rat packs.

    Is it such a bad thing? We'll see. The best work scoff I have ever eaten has been by army chefs - but still, they're not much use when you spend 3 months on 24hr rat packs are they. All chefs do in situations like that is boil water. Discuss.
  5. I think scholars call it the morale component of fighting power and good food, like good accommodation and working conditions encourages retention. Whilst arguably everyone in the military should have a deployable role you simply cannot get civvies to put in as much effort as chefs. In Units where they have a limited deployable role then they should receive additional training to be more multi functional e.g. medic.
  6. The yanks dont have chefs, but they do have mahoosive bugdets. And the quality of the feeding places in Iraq is outstanding (i dont mean pizza hut or subway either.)
    Having eaten in most of the yank camps in southern Iraq I was very impressed with the quality and quantity of food.

    Lets get yank contracters to do our cooking!
  7. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    God no!

    In comparison to US (all civvies employed from local workforce, remember) chefs, UK army blokes are miles better. I compare to 4 mths Baghdad US embassy and Camp Victory cooking (mainly deep fried) and a tour on Kosovo (US provided fodder throughout - ghastly) - to a variety of tours elsewhere in the Balkans and NI.

    Long live the deployable UK chef! We are lucky to have them.
  8. Sorry but i ate in camp commando and I think that pish we get means we need to go the way of that devil the yank . they know how to feed their solders .

    We on the other hand put out this vulgar shoite called food . I am in Raf Honington which is one of the best RAF Stations for food but the more civvies we get in the shoiter it gets all they are worried about is profit margins rather then saying fook I fed those bastards a good meal today .
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Sorry but this is a UK station rather than operational. We should seperate the debate as our boys primarily are seen deployed now.

    The US deployed way is a local crap chefs (paid peanuts), huge amount of money [sea food (lobster and crab flown in bi weekly at the very worst)], deep fried food (80%+ of the menu) and for the rest US pap only. The US don't have any interest in trying the local fodder.

    Undeployed - then you get Burger King, a chinese slop shop, a bakery, a pizza place and a v alternative salad bar that tries to kill you with sauces that are at least 2000 cals a dressing (well, got to make up for the greenery after all!). All in all it is crap.

    The UK way is training, pucka UK chefs and a sense of adventurism.

    There is no competition. UK boys come in on top. I do agree that they would do even better with the US budget but let's not snipe at them. It is not their fault they are are screwed by budget restrictions.

    For what we receive, let us be truly thankful.
  10. Have to say the best food ive ever had is Bosnia, Metal Factory, Sgts Mess 2004. Actually 10 Regts OR cookhouse isnt too bad..english food on one side and if you feel adventurous Gurkha selection on the other.. Madras? you girl!!
  11. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    We didn't hear it here first, refer yourself to the many PAYD threads that have been run.

    I am a supporter of the cabbage mechanic, they do provide the best fodder in barracks and on ops. BUT, I can see that using mil chefs for ops only is a good idea, saves money and cost for trg more chefs than you need, etc. The unfortunate thing is that no-one considered the fact that they have to come off tour sometime and be employed elsewhere............oh, back to square one. So what does that mean, it means that we will keep our chefs and as you prophesise yourself out of a job, eggmeister, I believe that you may well have enough life to do your 22 years and collect your person (err, edited to say PENSION, stupid boy!).

    [sits downs, rustles the newspaper and takes a long draw on my pipe, hurumph!]
  12. There are big moves afoot to ration-alise (sorry!!) the chef trade.

    When we have full time contractors on ops and peace time locs, where is the need for the humble sloppo???

    Anybody that decrees that the Yanks do it better was clearly not on TELIC. The mass produced slop that was farmed out to units (via the US led central catering facility) was a disgrace. The US cookhouses may be all singing and dancing with pepsi and ice cream on tap, but the quality of the food is pretty poor.

    The plans afoot at the min are to centalise (bde) slops and a unit wil be able to bid on chefs to sp exs, bit like WFM. Personally, i think the idea sucks and, even if it costs more, we should retain chefs at unit level
  13. Goon_Bde,
    How will this work with the TA? currenlty our chefs are all over the age limit for other roles within the Sqn most are ex-dvrs
    who to stay a few extra years swapped roles ect. We all take the sh1te out of them but do a great job with whats available to
  14. ACF?

    i suspect there will always remain a place for military chefs although not on the scale that we know it. i expect there will be contingency for TA chefs for national emergencies, crises etc
  15. I have heard that the US food on Telic was the pits, I can only comment from experience on T 5, the US food certainly wasnt shoite then.
    The UK food on the whole was of a decent standard but was imho better and more of it!!!!!!