Pay As You Dine (PAYD)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by short-fuse, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. My Regiment is about to get this wonderful invention (Not). I was incredibly surprised to hear that all encroachments i.e. MOD property used for other functions that sell or deliver food or drinks are to be included. This includes the small coffee shop that the Regt runs on the patch, the profits of which currently go to the PRI. It would also include, if we ran them, any Sqn bars. Not only that it also includes the NAFFI. One sole contractor will provide all of it.

    What worries me is that unless on ops there is only one way to resonable way to generate Cash for the PRI. If the crap group of corrupt and useless companies currently providing the messing contracts get everything Regt life is going to suffer.

    I have heard that PAYD is not going well in those places without a captured audience (Trg establishments and Air stations). What are peoples experiences of PAYD and thoughts on my comments?
  2. I think you may find that your PRI comes under the PAYD blanket. Its happened elsewhere.

  3. One dreadful little word:


    Search the forum for it. It has been discussed already
  4. WotW

  5. Having just re-read even more posts than I at first thought existed, perhaps it should be called pay-as-you-die!
  6. Are there many short fuses? Is this the same short fuse who is irrisistable to women and men alike and who entertains us with his crazed banter? Or is this a different short fuse?

    Sorry to go off topic.

    Yeah Sodhexo are sh1t. they recently took over selling the pies at my local football ground and they have gone down hill. Either they run out of pies, the pies are cold, or the pies are minging. don't get me started on the state of the staff.
  7. There are two of us. One with a hyphen and one without. Not sure how to change my log in name without having to have a new account. Can the mods point me in the right direction?
  8. Yep total shite.

    They took over our canteen at work, now you can't get bacon butties in the morning, just a wide range of "healty eating baggettes" which cost £2 and give you fantasitc choices like "salmon and dill" or "4 Cheese" (all of which look like 2 day old semen) and that is supposed to be breakfast.

    There are NO PIES OR PASTIES on Monday, because their delivery doesn't come until 3PM and they can't possibly store them over the weekend, but there are plenty of fresh baggettes of course. They are mistaking us for the french.. oh thay ARE french, I suppose that explains that then. Its suprising that the women staff don't have moustaches.

    As for a "CUP OF COFFEE" I said "A CUP OF COFFEE" forget it, you can't get that with your dinner , you have to queue up again down at the "Ritatsa" or whatever its caled to buy a Latte, Mocha, ground armadillo scrotum or whatever the flavoir of the day is and pay 75 for the privilege of drinking it in a small per cup, but you do get a cardboard holding ring and a plastic stiring stick.

    Its no wonder that the caravan parked outside the gates does such a good trade, Bacon Roll (with onions) £1 all day, plus 25p to have an egg thrown in and more types of sauce than I have seen elsewhere, 2 browns, 3 reds, pink, white, yellow, green (tastes like crap) and a big mug of coffee for 50p.


    Shove them up someones arse.