Pay as You Dine (PAYD) for TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by All_Aboard!, Mar 15, 2006.

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  1. I have heard that PAYD is coming to Grantham under the Multi Activity Contract which heralds the end of free food for 1-2 days training. I've asked my PSI who, to quote a well known Spanish waiter said "I Know nothing"!

    Anyone able to confirm/deny.
  2. I thought free board and lodgings was a contractual obligation within the terms under which we joined?
  3. As I understand it, TA can not be charged for food or accomodation if training away from TAC.
  4. There's no such thing as a free lunch guys!
  5. The Specialists at Grantham are actually at their Duty Station when they rock up for a weekend, or two week camp, so pay food and accommodation charges, which caught me by surprise the last time I went up there on a course.

    When they go into the field, Field Conditions apply.
  6. I have heard such rumours at Grantham too. We already pay for food on courses there, but I have heard that weekend scoff will also be deducted. Not sure when it kicks in though. I'll try and find out from my RSM this weekend at STASAAM.
  7. You mean you have to pay to live in those barracks! fcuk me that is bad.

    Corn. 8O
  8. If we have to start paying for the muck they try and pass off as food, can we at least have a say in the menu?
    I don’t know about the rest of you but I wouldn’t pay for what they serve at the moment given the choice.
  9. PAYD may be difficult to implement with Volunteers. The principle is that there is a basic or "Core" menu which you can eat/drink at no extra cost to your food charges, but if you want something else that is on the menu that is not "Core" you will have to pay. This comes out of your wages a month later. So how it works for Volunteers is interesting, particularly because that's how 38 Sig Regt will be fed when they go to Bruggen in Sept. I think that 34 Sig Regt have gone through the process in Germany so if one of them could reply to the post that may be helpful. Anyway, 38 will be in the field most of the time so won't see the cookhouse!
  10. Can confirm that 34 have not been subjected to PAYD in my experience

    Also this is pissing in the wind becuase TA only get fed away from the TAC, food away from place of duty has always been buck she.

    We never get fed at our TAC if we do then we chuck in a £ for the sloppy
  11. Strangely, I've never had to pay for food (although sometimes it's a fine line between food and slop), whether at the TAC or away...any explanations?

  12. PAYD works well here in Javelin Bks and the boys love it, the Officers not so keen. Can't see how it could work with the TA they like salad?
  13. Asked the question to the RSM yesterday at STASAAM. He knows about it, but as always it might take for ever to get implemented.
    His only words of wisdom...dont worry about it until it actually happens.
    Apparently the decision to PAYD at Grantham was due to be made last Nov, then Jan and now its due after Easter. Then the big cheeses will be worrying about this summers Ex, so will prolly wait till after then.