Pay as you dine in TA centres?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by hogstable, Dec 11, 2011.

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  1. We now pay for our meals in our TA centre for what our chefs normally do. So its not 'pay as you dine' as such but 'pay for / a contribution for your food', about £3 a day or so. Had a chat with blokes on a course and they didn't do this so just wondering if this was happening elsewhere.

    Just curious, and quite a bit unhappy. Also if we are working at the TA centre can you claim for your lunchtime meal?


  2. Why shouldn't you pay for meals taken in the TA Centre?
  3. One army! You pay for your meals - so do we! You could pay 3 quid a day for 'Army food' for the day or you could pop down to McDonalds and get a meal and a job application if you don't like the system! :)

    Edited to add: (What HLM said above!)
  4. That's what we used to do; pop down to Micky Ds and get lunch. Much quicker and the food was better.
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  5. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    "Dine" always struck me as a bit odd when describing food and the army.
  6. Whenever we've got a weekend at the TAC we always seem to get marched into the cookhouse of the barracks next door.
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  7. Make sure you don't eat so much you fail your fitness tests again coxy!
  8. **** off you ****, you dont even know me. Your not even at my unit so what the **** do you know you prick.
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  9. When ever we have a weekend 'in-house' our chef rolls up and cooks everything for us. Although I must say, the food is virtually un-edible
  10. We get fucked off to the nearest sandwich shop, thats just how it is.

    However I do believe, in the dim and distant past, soldier used to get a duty meal if they were away from their normal place of duty, so if you visit another TAC you should be fed or be able to claim. Good luck with that one.
  11. Dim, distant and DMR past...PAYD says if you want to eat in a Service establishment, you have to put your hand in your pocket; so no more beanstealing!

    As for the food being 'crap', bet those complaining didn't use the comments book did they?
  12. Are the TA in the building long enough to require food?

    Most get staff discount at Mc D's, anyway!
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  13. Failing that you flash your mod90 at burger king for a discount ...
  14. Why should you have free food STAB?

    All regulars pay for it, and we kill people for a living, not dream about it..
  15. My mob has been paying a contribution to scoff for ages dont see the problem personally, if the chefs dont turn in on the weekend we have to go down the chippy or KFC/BK/McD's and spend considerably more than what the colour boy gets to feed us and our sloppo's do a good job so the OP should be gratefull to be fed at all