Pay As You Dine (End of a Burger Man)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Wogzie, Sep 17, 2004.

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  1. This is a "call to arms", for your support.

    For nearly fourty years, the Royal Marine Training Centre at Lympstone in Devon (CTCRM) has had a resident "Burger Man", originally trading from a little van and then a purpose designed and Immaculately clean trailer. The introduction of the new PAYD scheme looks like it could lead to his removal from the base and subsequent "loss of choice" for those who use his services. Many nights he will remain open til 3am for the lads returning from night exercises etc, well after any MOD run or NAAFI catering has closed. We have set up a web site at and are seeking support from all military personal. Also if you have a burger man/or spud wagon etc etc on your base and have seen PAYD introduced, Is he still there? We would like to know. Thanks for taking the time to read this post, visit our site and lend your support or comment on this post.

    Wogzie (Save Dutchy Campaign Researcher)

    Ni illigitum carborundem !
  2. They cant get rid of dutchy,

    Have you posted on Mil forums as thats where most of the greenlids hang out,,
  3. The Save Dutchy Campaign is in full swing over at Mil Forums, protests coming back in from members all round the world. Please help if you can.
  4. For those that have never left Germany or visited CTCRM, Dutchies is to royal as to Burger van man on exercise is to the rest of us. Hes always there and always at just the right time.
  5. whatever happened to wolfie ???

    we used to get off the railflats at soltau and he'd be there , fabloned map in his wagon , all the full screws used to have an o group at his wagon to find out off him where we were going. :lol:

    nothing like being in a "tac" harbour area , then wolfie pulls up and bibs his horn right next to your wood!!!!

    right behind you fellas , save the schnelly wagens!!!!!!
  6. There was always a rumor that wolfie was on the CO's orders group, And who needs hi-tech off roaders, that Blue Merc van got everywhere.
  7. yeah . "dry excercise" my arrse , give us a hanchen burger and 6 yellow handbags mate !!!!!!!
  8. My god I remember him!
  9. Also remember the wee fat guy who used to come out from Dennis Bks Munsterlager in the red shield van( RED FRED) Was A life saver when you wanted something other than compo. Ued to be based in DENNIS Bks was a brilliant posting as well.

    They can take away our NAAFI but don ot take iour vans :lol:
    Long live the the chip/burgers/schnelly vans?
  10. so were agreed , from the choggies in the province , to the excercise bratty wagon , an essential part of the fabric of soldiering life , does any of the engineers out there remember "tommys whoppers" in weymouth , burgers with such mouthwatering names as "the big fat greasy b*stard burger"

    used to sell car stickers with "i've had tommys whopper in my mouth" :lol:


    and while i'm on the subject how about "jumping jimmy thunder" whatever happened to that mad cnut!!!!
  11. These guys were/are essential to morale. Only a fecking idiot would want to get rid of them: it's not as if they cost much, if anything, to support. My own favourite was 'Muhammed Amin, Contractor to HM Forces' at Bessbrook Mill. Back off a baseplate patrol at 3 in the morning and he was always there with an egg and bacon banjo or a cheeseburger. If they want to introduce 'pay as you dine' then fine, but they need to take the risk that the customers are going to vote with their feet (and wallets).

  12. Just so:

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  13. Just heard the sad news

    Dutchy Holland Jnr has died

    RIP DUTCHY, Corps legend and supplier of a Nods 5th meal of the day at Lympschwitz

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  14. PAYD has got sod all to do with burger/bratty vans parked off camp. It does however affect food outlets on camp that aren't controlled by who holds the PAYD contract. It destroyed JHQ before its closure.
  15. 10 year old thread? They're all dead ffs! :wink: