Pay As You Dine - Death of the Slop Jockeys????

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Sgt_Henno_Garvie, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. What with all thes civvie contractors taking over the cookhouses all over the country i was wondering what will happen to the army chefs? When on camp the likes of sodexho deliver and cook the food an when in the field you eat rations so is there any need for army chefs. It might sound like a chad question but girlfriend wants to join up as a chef and i was thinking she might not have a job within 12 months because of this. Positive comments back please.
  2. Think about it, soldiers are treated on the NHS and there are no military hospitals but there is still an RAMC (AMS) because it is needed. Same would go for cooks I would suggest.
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    There will always be a need for Chefs. Who cooks at HQs where det feeding is not good enough for the numbers? On ops where troops don't have the time to feed themselves all the time are just two examples?

    I think we'll need them for a while yet.
  4. cheers for the input people. will let the old leg iron know that she will be able to cook to her hearts content
  5. Things have changed so much since I left in 95.

    In regards to SHG - I agree there will always be a need for chefs - even with catering companies.

    There are many reasons why the government contracted out everything they could

    1. could not sell off the Royal Mail as they would appear to be following the Tories

    2. contracting out normally means jobs for them after they retire. (evidence - check any PLC with a large government contract)

    The main reasons the MOD would use contractors are:
    1. it is easier to downsize catering and may appear to be cheaper to contract (but I doubt it)
    2. Frees up soldiers for sandy places (possible?)
    3. a mate on the golf course has a catering company and could do with some work?

    I may be wrong and if so I apolgise
  6. Plus, who else would you have to blame for food poisoning and take the p1ss out of.

  7. Chefs will dissapear soon I think. All of our feeding on Telic 8 was done by an Indian catering company who had been contracted in. If they are willing to bid for contracts in a war zone, I would have thought that tendering for the contract to feed 12 Mech Bde for 4 weeks on Salisbury plain each year would pose no great problems.

    As an ex VM, I would be sad to see the demise of the "egg techs" as many a time I have returned from an FRG job at daft o'clock and been told "egg banjos and chips in 15 minutes mate, get your crew washed up and I'll see you in the mess tent".

    Would civy contractors be so willing to wait up, ready to cook food for the crew that were still out? The Chef in question at the time of the above occurance, used to keep note of which FRG's did not come through the hotplate at evening meal and then stay up waiting for them to roll in and make them food...he was a diamond.
  8. I hate to say it but... I miss Proper Army Sloppo's. Please come back. I'm sorry i was mean to you!
  9. When I was posted to 3 Fd Wksps in Tidders in 92 - 94, I was the FRG chef and always made sure that they were fed at all times of the day, especially as most of the guys were out at mealtimes. I used to get woken up at stupid o'clock most nights for the infamous Egg Banjos and anything else they could lay their hands on and in return, they were willing to give a hand on spud bashing or pan bashing. And they even taught me how to drive a CVR/T. Long live "The Fat Racoon Gang".
  10. Good old slop jockeys, we could never do without them!
  11. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    Who do you think is cooking all the food in normal units. Contractors... no. Army chefs ... yes. PAYD under civillian contract using army facilities and army labour who get paid by the army. Who hammered out that contract....
  12. When I left in 95 I missed 5 choices for tea, 3 choices at lunch. I know when things are desperate when I'm warming up dodgy findus crispy pancakes and potato waffles which have been chipped out of the ice tray.
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Doubt the Mil Chefs will go.After all,who'd do the cooking for the CO's & the catering for the parties ect.Cant see Sad-exho doing it.
    The grub we had in the RAF was top notch!My first camp,Kinloss,had certificates & awards plastered all over the walls of the JR mess.Them wall's would be very bare if Sedexo took over!
  14. For which the contractor pays the authority a princely sum for having the mil chefs working alongside them.

  15. I would be very surprised if any princely sums are changing hands. Sodexho's job is to make as much money for its shareholders as possible. To that end it is their job to make sure that they keep their costs down to the bare minimum.