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Discussion in 'REME' started by Nishka, Feb 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys

    Just a quick one!

    What REME trades are on what pay bands; i.e. what trades are on higher and what trades are on lower?

    Does this change with rank?

  2. Are you asking for trouble or what!!!
  3. no asking for information!
  4. The Pay Manual will tell you, which is held by the RAO. It's a good question though and I will see if I can research the answer this evening. Going for a bit of phys' now, which must be the earliest in the last month!

  5. Nishka,

    The information you require can be found in the Personnel Administration Manual (PAM) which you could ask your RAO to see, or if you wish you can access it on DII or at on ArmyNet, something which Litotes is clearly not a fan of (from the ASCLB question) he either does not know how to use it correctly or prefers the more colourful content found on Arrse.

    The information is on the ArmyNet as follows:


    Quick Links

    Army Electronic Library

    On the left menu click on G1 Personnel and MS matters

    The folder for the Personnel Administration Manual is on the list that appears, then the information you need is contained in Pam Part 2, Chapter 2, Annex A, Appendix 9 – REME.

    It actually makes interesting reading for many, but most of all the Craftsmen of the Corps, as they are currently held on the Low Range pay scale, a sore point amongst many. Although there have been suggestions that there are no Pte trades anywhere in the Army on the Higher Range, you will find this is wrong. There are around 33 regular and some TA which are on the High Range including RE Fitters, Welders, Electricians etc. and even more bizarre Musicians. so all those Cfn equivalents in the REME band are not only touring all over the world (Cyprus, Canada etc.), they actually get paid more than our tradesmen who may also be touring all over the world (Iraq, Stan etc.)

    A letter has been written to the Corps ASM highlighting the information, as it seems as though not all of the Corps knew the facts, including some of the most senior members!
  6. Good find Canada_bob and i hope that letter sorts a few things out for the Toms too
  7. Spot on, CB! I can never remember my inside leg measurement which means that I cannot penetrate the security layers AND I prefer the more colourful content on here!

    And I don't need the ASCLB information because I'm so high up the food chain that I now get my own copy!

    Thanks for your information, though. I will have to hack into my account sometime..... (;