PAY and Pay and pay as you drive, comeing to a road near you

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Steven, May 22, 2007.

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    But this is the really bad part of all this-

    £1.30 a mile 8O

    W@nkers :x
  2. Bearing in mind i have an engineer driving up to the office at a distance of 168.9 miles, and then him and i will be driving down to Wales tonight at a distance of 262.4 miles, i think this is fcuking outrageous.

    If the whole way would be done on higher priced roads (Motorways, right?) Than that would cost £560.69. With my wages (I think that counts as a minus though really), the other guys wages, and the travelling expenses, that all comes together at a hell of a price hike for our Customers.......

    It's absolutely crazy...
  3. What an insane concept...
  4. I have just worked out how much that would cost me each year in commuting costs.

    Fcuk £12512.

    Twelve grand!!

    Even if they only charge £1 a mile it still works out at over 9 grand a year.

    Sod it I am staying in Germany...
  5. Im a roaming Installer, i clock 1200 miles a week mate.
    If i don't count weeks off for training, and just the 4 weeks i get as holiday, thats £74880 a year, and i know theres a lot of people who drive more than me.

    Even at £1 a mile thats £57600.
  6. That 12 grand is just to get to the office. I have no idea what mileage I do during the work day (also do install/support at cust sites) as the company pays for all that but 12 grand just to get to work?

    Fuking nonsense.
  7. Sounds like you need to invest in a car with a Polish registration. And if you obtain a Polish driving licence, you'll escape any penalty points too.
  8. What is the point of 2million + putting their names to a petition if the govenment is going to ignor it.
  9. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    I would ask the same question. But then I remember that who is making the call. Same bloke who has run the economy the last few years...same man that only stops to think on the basis of where his next extra tax income will come from to make up the holes in his budget.

    But don't worry - you've never had it so good :roll:

    With a yearly commute of over 40000, my bill would be scarily large too - not impressed.
  10. Does anyone remeber the poll tax riots?
  11. they won't be able to ignore an Election meltdown, they have forgotten the lesson of the Council Election quickly then.

    safe to say I WON'T be voting for Broon the Loon

  12. Having just had my license revoked after i did the right thing and admitted that it was me driving when said vehicle was seen to be driving over the speed limit, your ideas intrigue me and i wish to learn more.

    Are one of the main 3 parties actually saying that they are against earning a sh|tload more per year for their own pockets? Personally i don't see the M1 roadworks staff costing £76k a year, let alone what the actual cost of roads is.

    I also don't see the extra revenue going into the Armed Forces, either.
  13. So is road tax going to be sacked then??
  14. The taxpayers (of most European countries) have already paid for every single inch of road built. So now they not only have to pay for parking on said roads, which they've paid for with their taxes, but now get the dubious pleasure of having to pay to drive on the same roads too?

    Well, nobody ever said that politicians have ever had any sort of firm grip on reality, especially the Dooor Brooon, but this surreal scheme really proves it.

    Indignant of Clacton.

  15. Now Im no lefty, but does that mean that those on lower wage incomes who rely on a motor to go to their basic wage jobs will pay the same as Alan Sugar and Roman Abramovich on their daily drive?

    Very New Liabour.....Although I notice the sound of silence from the tory front bench