pay and MTDs on Stephen Nolan show.

Hmm. Primarily seems to be focussing on JPA botch. However, good work to the MP for picking up the JPA yawn and using to to focus on the MTDs issue.

I don't know about the JPA botch, all to easy to blame the computer, I have never been paid later than 3rd or 4th day of the month every month since the introduction of JPA, why? because the PSAO and AO work hard to ensure this happens.

Enough said about JPA, but what of the BBC radio article in general, If you are reading this then I recommend you go onto quillers link, good to know that some MPs are fighting the MTD cause. (75 min into the article)

It appears from one of the comments that some in the province are keen to attend for training on C1s, they have been told the budget has run out but enjoy it all so much they will attend for free, I admire their commitment, but would suggest that this will only help hide the problem.

Don't let the bean counters hide behind our good will in order to suggest that all is well to the public !

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