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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by arty90, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. i start basic on October the 19th in pirbright and not much has been said to us about pay or holidays so id like to ask a few questions:

    when in the month do we get paid?

    does any1 know how much after tax?

    my uncle says i cant go abroad if i get leave as the army takes my passport?

    most importantly does anyone know the dates we get off over xmas?
  2. Probably 18 Dec to 4 Jan
  3. happy days im blowing my saving on Sharm el sheik then

    ha time of must be classified because no one seems to know for definite
  4. You get paid the last working day of the month. Though with you starting past the middle of the month (which is when the pay runs are done) you may find your first pay being in november, which will include the 19th-31st oct pay too.

    As for how much you will get paid, Im not sure, due to tax codes, any potential earnings you have had in the tax year so far from other jobs, and whether you are in the new accomodation at pirbright, or the not so new accomodation at pirbright. So anywhere between £15 and £30 a month for your accomodation. Food deduction is £4.07 ish a day which comes off at source.

    Those dates mentioned should be right for holidays, they never took my passport off me back in the day I went through.

    You start on £13,337 pa. You can use this website to work out how much you earn after tax but that doesnt take off your food and accomodation charges etc. I dont know why this rumour goes around but your pay does not go up when you pass out, it goes up when you hit your 6 month service point and will go up to £16,681 pa.

    After that it all depends on your trade as to what you can get after phase 2, or how fast you move up the ranks too, as will your work ethic and general all round ability.