Pay and Glasgow: just crap?

Os it just my gang, or are some people out there STILL without their Bounty for last year?

I've got blokes that deployed on TELIC and Glasgow STILL have not sorted their act and paid the Bounty. The may payrun was late, too - does anyone know why TA soldiers are getting such crap service?

This behaviour would be unacceptable in civvie street, why are Glasgow allowed to get away with it??

Its not good enough.
It is no good complaining on here, write a letter thro' the CoC and point out AFPAA's lack of action (providing the unit was'nt idle) only by lots of people pointing out that they are carp will we get any improvement!
By complaining ( or bringing to light the issue ) I can see if other units have the same problems with Glasgow as mine. I am assured by our civvie clerk that any mistakes are not being made at our end.

If nobody else has a problem with pay, then I might question the last statement. If other soldiers have the same problem, then there is an issue worth discussing.

It's too easy for units to blame Glasgow - it masks their own problems, and it's an acceptable answer that you'll go away believing.

Glasgow will pay you when they have the information in their sweaty hands.

The powers that be have just switched the initial record system where your pay is recorded, from TAMIS to FORGE. TAMIS was a standalone system, whereas FORGE is webbased, and in my unit, the experience has not been a good one! Much slower to use, not as user friendly.


If your pay person enters the pay, gets the RAO staff to transfer it to UNICOM and then send that to Glasgow, you will be paid in a timely fashion. In my unit, the Attendance Registers are sorted within the first five days of the month, the PSAO chases the usual suspects, the pay bloke runs all his checks, transmits it to Glasgow and the guys are generally paid a couple of weeks later. Can't recall off the top of my head how frequently Glasgow do a BACS run, but the earlier your unit action the pay to Glasgow, the better your chances are!

All our TELIC people who went have had their bounty by now. Don't think anyone is still waiting, and for the one bloke who could have had a problem, a quick anticipatory letter from the CO to Glasgow sorted it out.

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