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As i am currently going through the AOSB process i am starting to look towards my financial position should i be lucky enough to get through the selection process. Having checked the army website i have a rough idea of what a non-graduate cadet earns whilst at sandhurst and afterwards as a 2Lt. However i do not have much of an idea as to the actual take home pay after the usual deductions (tax,NI,Army accomodation and food). Does anybody have any rough figures as to the take home pay as a non-graduate cadet and as a 2Lt? this would be a great help in order for me to organise my finances if i was successful.


Ive tried a similar calculator however the problem being that i dont know the accomodation charges etc whilst at sandhurst and as a 2Lt so it doesnt really give a true indication of take home pay.
Who are you hoping to join? Also are you a grad?

If you are a grad, joining RA and other Corps that do their YOs before posting to a Regiment, you hit the Regiment as a Lt, not a 2Lt, so would earn more. If you go to a corps who post to a Regiment, then do YOs course later, you may be a 2Lt for a bit.

Accomodation charges vary from unit to unit, depending on condition and grade - some accomodation (as you may of heard) can be a bit ropey...but you pay less.

I don't remember having any major issues with take home pay, earning about £1400 per month as a Lt (I think - it's a while ago), so taking home about £1000 once tax, NI, accom etc were deducted. Then you need to pay for your food - PAYD now, so you pay for what you eat and at my current unit, it is added to your mess bill. Mess bills vary, but are about £70-80 per month, plus your food (about £100 per month for 3 meals a day - but I live out, so am not the best authority on food charges).

I guess it depends on what you earn now (if anything) and if you are talking of "organising finances" to cover existing outgoings like a mortgage and loan payments etc. If you are coming striaght from uni, with only a student loan to pay off, then your Lt wage should be more than adequate (otherwise how did all the subbies in my last German Regiment afford those BMW Z4s?).

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