Pay and Bounty Rates 2006-2007?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Green_Homer, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. Just wandering if anybody knows what the bounty rates (specifically 5th :D ) are going to be?

    Yes I know that "current rates" are listed but they are only valid till end of this FINANCIAL year, personally Iv never recieved the stated rates (not a rant am rather pleased Iv got more then stated!!).

    Just been looking at my finances and would be nice to be able to get a little more accurate then guestimating £1500.

    With pay rates I am currently a level 4 PTE on £42.90 with my increment date due on 30th April so I should be going up to £45.21 but have heard that PTEs are to recieve a 3.3% pay rise. Is this above the normal inflation linked rises?

    Sorry to be a pain in the arrse(!) just I'm a 3rd yr business student and skint!! :roll:
  2. GH,

    My records (Army Briefing Note dated 16 Feb 06) show that a REGULAR Level 4 Pte on the Lower Band now receives £46.17 (no £42.90 listed there...) and will receive £47.69 from 01 Apr. That should be a 3.3% increase which reflects the 2.9% increase in the RPI and a bit more because we can't attract and keep young soldiers. I wonder why?

  3. Year 5 bounty is £1506 from next year source

    You can find all current pay scales here: Serving soldier site

    Pay rise of 3.3% for soldiers/lance jacks from April.

    Can anyone tell me, pay goes up with increments, but do you get extra pay for doing courses such as PTI, SAA instructor etc? Not going to rush off and do them for the extra pay but wodered whether that kind of thing was rewarded in that way?
  4. Thanks Purple,

    As far as I know some courses attract extra pay in the form of increased speed up the increment ladder, something about getting 12months 'credit' so you would jump up to the level above what you should be going to next time.
    Don't know the specifics tho sorry!
    If its any help apparenly TARU (TA Radio User) is such a course.
  5. Who no's where is my bounty still waiting and not holding my breath and to top it all i had a cert of efficentcy in January this year? whats the storey on balamory...... :roll: