ladies and gents

I have been tasked to locally produce the above guide. I have some ideas for it but would appreciate some input from the shop floor.

I was thinking of putting out 5 guides

a fag packet size one for the toms with bullet points on

an A5 size flyer for the JNCOs

An A4 size one for the WOs' & SNCOs

A comprehensive one for the officers.

An A4 size one for personnel leaving

The idea being if the toms dont know they query the JNCOs, etc etc this way the Chain of Command know appreciate how JPA and their pay should run.

So in essence I am after some more ideas/feedback (leeching off your minds experience of course)to show ideally:

- What should/should not be included

- Is the layout OK (Fag packet for toms etc)

Cheers in advance

Bipolar 77
I have previously done a 'pocketbook of rates' which sounds like what you're looking for. PM me your work email and I'll send it to you on Monday. It's done in publisher, but you can install using the blue button in the tool bar.
Why not put it all on a DII Web page, and then also place posters near all the JPA machines.

Fag packet size aide memoires pay and allowances? THat wont end up in the bin or used as a jotter at all will it?

Laminate and put posters up by the machines, or under perspex onthe JPA machine desks.

Important point to note then, is that as the rates change (remember to date the sheets) you can easily go around and swap them, so you are sure there is no "official" sourced duff info out there. Don't know if you get asked that question on the annual inspection, but certainly the tech trades are quizzed over how they ensure only "indate" info is circulating.

For the CoC bit, run a few "courses". It only has to be powerpoint jobby of a bout 15 - 45 mins.

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