Pay an Old soldier his worth!


The petition link above is for a Old Chindit who is not recieving half his pension through red tape. It takes one minute of your time to read and support if necessary. To him its a few extra pints and standard of living. Check it out and try to get the numbers above 1500 by 21 Feb 08.
Signed, and good luck. I remember as a subbie visiting a Burma Star veterans parade being astonished at the dignity of some of these guys and the widows.
Squiggle added and good luck to the old guy.
Signed with pleasure. Anyone who has read Defeat Into Victory will know how awesome those boys were.

Signed! What a truly disgraceful state of affairs! It really makes you wonder sometimes.

Well done to the OP for drawing attention to this!


Duly signed, but you are only at 332 signatures at this point. Needs

a lot more support. All the best of luck.


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I've posted the link in 2 other forums I use aswell, hopefully that will help out.


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