pay allowences when new recruit

hi, im after a bit of help really as the army does'nt seem to have any help on this subject.
i am trying to find out what allowances as a new recruit you are intitaled to.
im am talking about things like seperation allowance, travel allowance etc. i ask this so i can get a better idea of the way things work. i am 24 male i own my house so have a mortage and i will be away from my wife and daughter who are approx 200 mile away.
another point if you can help how do you claim these allowances is it everytime you go home you have to claim for it then get it next pay would appreciate your help.
p.s trying to get info out of the army that makes sense is like trying to get water out of stone. why could they have a nice easy website that tells you what you are entitled to like you can with tax credits etc thanks


Until you have passed basic recruit training and are actually a part of the Army, you will not be entitled to anything other than your pay I am afraid.


As a new recruit in basic training you are not going to going home that often. In basic training you will get may only get one maybe two long weekends to go home and the Army will give you a train ticket. You will not get anything like seperation allowance while in basic training. I would check to see exactly what and when you will get paid in basic training. When i was in training a few years ago you it took a while before they gave you all your pay, and you then got a big lump at the end of training. If you are going to have problems paying a mortage tell the admin staff get all your pay.
Once through basic training you should be able to get a married quarter. If you decide not to move your family into quarters I think you will only be able to claim for 4 return journeys a year to your family home.
Claims usually get paid directly into account a couple of days after you make the claim. If you don it correctly via JPA.
Tax credits are the same if you are a civvy and you can get information at