Pay Again


I'm currently on a three week posting which I volunteered for. The thing is having checked my bank for the last week I still havn't been paid.

Where do I stand legally :?: Can I just go home :?: I am self employed so I could be earning money rather than being here. I enjoy the TA but they are really starting to take the piss and I'm out of pocket for the training I've done since the start of this tax year.
Your not alone..I never got paid either and i'm on POTL so only one wage just now.....phoned Glasgow they sent me to RTMC...who said they would phone me back....never did!...then phoned Unit...told me to phone Monday..and no one there..all at a been told it might take 7 to 10 working days..from when they find the problem!..glad the Tax money came in this Morning or i would be in Shite Creek..nice to be cared for aint it! 8O

Oh and Yes the pay line is on Army Net..and makes no bloody savy at all..even though i thought i knew the new JPA ones?

Still at least my wages were OK when i was on tour... :wink:
Yes. In fact the Pay Sgt is working his backside off in his own time. It's just it all keeps getting messed up. deductions for overpayments we never recieved and stuff.

What I need to know is can I just leave if I'm posted somewhere (I'm posted at York putting tents up.) It's been quite a while since I was paid and it's putting a strain on my family relationships.
Unless you tell your unit the situation, informing them that you need to go home, you cant go. i'd imagine they would by quite sympathetic and let you go home.

Im sure if you left without letting them know, you'd be in a world of pain.

Good luck.
I did that posting! I still owe one of the stores guys £5! (out of the two Civi's whose kids work there as well it's the fat one!)

Talk to the RQMS. If it's the same one then he's sound. He'll probably send you to see D**E B***Y over at 2 Med to get it sorted out.

Good luck!

Thanks for that. Informed my unit. Did one.

Perhaps incidents like this will make the powers that be sit up and pay attention - somehow I doubt it.

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