Pay Again...regualtions

does anybody know, chapter and verse, rules and regs for overpayment recovery?

ie, how much notice has to be given?

how much can be deducted in one go?

do they need consent etc?

etc etc?

snot-a-gram currently being penned, want to get facts right??
I got over paid for something (fat pay clerks chubby fingers slipped probably!!!) and was told not to sign the paperwork if I didn't want anything to happen. Two months later the money flies out of my pay. This is standrd I was later told. After two months they can take money back with no permission. However they cannot take more than four days pay at once unless you give them permission. so in answer to your questions:

not a lot

four days pay


Will await some pay bloke to tell me I am all wrong now then!! :D
Your not wrong, unless a repayment schedule is agreed it comes out at 4 days gross pay per month, which doesnt sound like much untill you add up 4 times your daily rate and then take it off what you usually take home.

With me it took over 2 months for the paperwork to be sorted at Worthy Down by which time Glasgow was taking back the money at 4 days per month. They dont talk to each other aparantly, which doesnt help when your take home is over 300 quid down for the month - especially when the overissue is a mistake on their part which you didnt put money asside for. When this is pointed out to the Civi pay clerk, she shook her head and tutted, must be a serious issue then.
My pay is still messed up and has been since I returned from Telic 5. Moved into a Qtr last Nov and still haven't been billed for it. Luckilly I have been putting the money aside for that one but knowing my luck I will get charged food and accm for some made up period and end up owing money for the next 5 years.

I'm not cynical though and I really do have a lot of faith in my RAO dept at the moment :roll:
techtosh wrote

I'm not cynical though and I really do have a lot of faith in my RAO dept at the moment

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