Pay after Phase 2

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by why_did_i_do_it?, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. Has any one else had problems similar to the ones in this link:

    Pay problems after templer

    I know and am grateful that we recieve good wages in comparison to other parts of the army but would be interested if anyone else has had similar problems. I've now gone 4 pay statements and am still waiting for the LCpl pay, LOA and food and accomodation charges. I have also heard of problems with LCpl pay going on far longer than this and by comparison i've not been waiting that long.

  2. Yes, it happened to a couple of my people too.
    I believe the problem was traced to Templer being a bit slow off the mark with the Part 2 Order bits. This was compounded by the fact that both of my lot were supernumaries, and their admin Units were in different parts of the country. Obviously, not knowing your Squad number, I cannot confirm if the same can be said in your particular case. If so, suggest you get your chain of command to take it up with the Chief Clerk, who will have dealt with it before.
  3. When I passed out it took about 3 or 4 months before I got my lance jack pay.. but I got a phat back pay which bought me a widescreen tv! :D
  4. Do you mean TFI's?

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  6. yeah... but only you needed 4 months backpay just to get laid, 1771 :)

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  7. When it's this big you have to pay them extra.. I suspect you get a discount? :lol:
  8. Having dealt with this issue at length today, one of the problems lies with the A3 course reports not detailing the 3 elements of the the Phase 2, the A3 trade course, the CLM and DIT, as having been passed by the soldier in plain enough language for the RAO to decipher without wading through 2 or 3 pages of course report. Once all 3 have been issued as a Part 2 Order, which takes about 10 days from flash to bang on the mainframe at Glasgow supposedly, pay should be adjusted and the Authority to Promote issued.

    It may take a visit to the RAO with a copy of the course report to point out that deep on the penultimate paragraph of the document it does state that A3 trade, CLM and DIT have all been completed successfully and that Pt2 O action can be initiated.

    Any questions PM me.
  9. Totally agree with everything there K613. I have had this issue crop up on several occasions. Also be aware, some individual cases are not always clear cut. If there is anything which makes an individual a little bit different from a normal direct entry who goes through training without a hiccup, this can also cause extra delays. When people re-allocate this can cause no end of problems, believe me. So in answer to the original question, if there was an issue with your joining the Corps, however small and insignificant, this may have a knock on effect.
  10. Hi guys, just to add something sensible for a change.

    The problem, I believe, originates with the lack of a properly formulated Part 2 order from the courses clerk/HQ/Trg Wing, being published and a copy being sent to APC. This is guaranteed to delay the pay process. Anomalies (speeling) arise with personnel transferring to the Corps. They are usually detached from their parent unit, not posted, and therefore a P2 and posting are required. You can see APC getting confused already!

    sorry had to stop interupted and lost my chain of thought..


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  14. Ok Thanks. Got it sorted, so in March 31 pay I should get thepay rise and a nice load of back pay its only 5 months late, now i've just got my LOA and MMA Claim to sort out! I'm begining tosoungd like a pay admin problem child.